Do people serve saibaba , do it for recognition and to show their ability ?

sairam friends

Do people serve saibaba like narasimha swamiji ,sivama thaayee and sivanesan swamiji any more ?

everyone needs appreciation and encouragement when they do good deeds. at the same time does sai devotees who does some good deeds in temple, through websites, by writing books, by organizing pooja in temple , by doing anna dhan and in few cases by contructing temple, organizing big festivals etc.

do they wish to be recognized that see what all i do for baba.

i honestly accept i say baba see i do all this to you but you still dont care for me.baba never asked me to do it. I wish to do so i am doing. so why do i complain baba like this when am depressed.

By the word “Recognized” i mean to say..

when sai devotees who have been benefited by our seva smile to us we feel satisfied that they like what we are doing. even this little matter is a need for being recognized. May be one day they might have difference of opinion or not comfortable with our seva or us as a person and avoid us. It makes us worry.

Saibabas message to me is

“If you serve me based on how people react to you in day to day life, you have to swing between worries and happiness. So serve me with heart and soul and look at my reaction alone. I am always there with you. “

Its basic human tendency to expect reactions of people positively.

Today while i was in nagasai mandhir suddenly i got a message from saibaba.

think about sivama thaaye…she meditated for 12 years remembering sai alone. whom did she care about. did she expected someone to appreciate or encourage her devotion and seva to sai children.

I want all your deep thoughts about this issue and wish to post it as article in . it will be helpful for all of us to serve sai with pure heart all our life . You can post it as comments to this topic and also personal mail me from id in home page.

om sainathaya namaha

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  1. wn we purely love to serve baba we wont to expect others comments and encouragements… as a real child(devottee) to sai always want to c sai’s smiling face and blessing feet :):)

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