Lalitha Sahasra Naamam for Goddess Lalithambigai

Sairam friends,

Goddess Lalithambigai

Lalitha sahasra Naamam in praise of Goddess Lalithambigai
Lalitha sahasra Naamam in praise of Goddess Lalithambigai

I had been to Goddess Lalithambigai temple and had a beautiful experience in Thirumeeyachur which i wrote here.

Goddess Lalithambigai temple in Thirumeyachur

Today i have uploaded the beautiful Sahasranama 1000 sacred names in praise of Goddess called LalithaSahasranamam

The copyright of below song belongs to respective producers. I have uploaded for personal use and will be removed if asked to. Thanks sairam

If you want to listen to the song regularly , instead of always using streaming, please download the song in below link. It takes only 30 minutes in broadband from Google Drive. ( Once it gets processed you must click – Download anyway)

Lalitha Sahasranamam Mp3 download

Below link has the meanings of Lalitha sahasranaamam in english

Meaning of each 1000 sacred names in Lalitha sahasra naamam

Om sri sainathaya namaha


4 thoughts on “Lalitha Sahasra Naamam for Goddess Lalithambigai”

  1. omsairam

    sarvamangala maangalya shive sarvartha sadhike
    saranye thrayambike gowri narayani namosthuthe

  2. Jai Sai Ramji

    This is very helpfull as well very nice,I don’t know how to thank you.Like you people god has to give long life and very good blessings, you have such beautiful heart to help people, now a days I don’t see anyone who wants to give some happyness who is in distress once again I am very happy to come to this website and listen to slokas.If you can upload some sai bhajans it helps me to keep my self peacefull I belive.

    Thank you a lots
    Jyothi .R
    U S A

  3. I loved this website …whoever has downloaded these bhajans god bless them .gives me lot of peace and happiness whenever i play these bhajans ..Thank you so much and god bless one and all ….

  4. Sir VenkataRaman

    You did a great job by putting all these info in the site. It is very very much Needed for people like us. Thaks you so much. I wish you put more more info into this site. God will definitely Bless you and your family.
    Sir Venkata raman, Thanks once again.

    Thanks and Regards
    K. Sivaji

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