Lord Shiva taking alms from Annapurna Devi and greatness of feeding all Life on Earth

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Story of Lord Shiva taking alms from Parvathi

On Saturday, I was went to Annapurani Temple in R.S.Puram, Coimbatore as I love the Goddess so much. She’s truly divine and sacred. I went there as I got a dream related to Food.

I had a darshan of Kamakshi amman and then went to Annapurana Amman Temple. I offered the small rice bag in the vessel they kept there and prayed Annapurani. I sat in front of Annapurna and had a blissful darshan. A north Indian girl and her mother came and sat near me. The girl’s Mother asked the girl to keep the flower of Annapurna which the priest gave. The girl was showing faces to her Mom and her Mom asked “Phul rakne me kya hai”

What’s there in keeping flowers over your head?

I assumed the girl avoided as she was wearing jeans and don’t want to have flowers. Finally, she agreed and had the flower on her head. I was silently admiring this Mother-Daughter scene. I like girls arguing with their Mom. and try to see who wins.

The flower fell down from the girl’s head while she walked. Her Mom came and kept it aside in the pillar as it was on the floor. I felt the flower of Annapurna must not be ignored and took it for myself. There are few things which we learn from this incident.

Whenever you get prasad from Goddess in any temple, accept it with love. If you ignore it, it naturally gets away from you. Accept the gift of Goddess with love as if she gave the world to you.


I read about Annapurna that Shiva once said to Parvathi that all the material world including Food is Maya.

Parvathi immediately disappeared and there was no food in the three worlds.  Every one was suffering and starving without Food and all the Gods were wondering how to restore Food on Earth. Shiva understood how important is Food and accepted the sacredness of Food.

All the Gods came to know that Parvathi has incarnated as Annapurna in the holy place of Kashi. From the Kitchen in Kashi, Annapurna was giving food to everyone. Everyone was happily having food. Lord Shiva himself came with a bowl and took alms from Parvathi. Everyone admires this act of Lord Shiva – Even the God almighty came down to take alms from Annapurna Devi. Food is so sacred and comes from Goddess.

shiva annapurna devi alms

Lord Shiva taking alms from Annapurna Devi

Food is God

The 18th-century Maharashtrian Saint Gajanan Maharaj was first spotted having Food thrown out in the streets. Two rich men realized he is a great Sadhu and requested him not to have the food thrown in the mud. Gajanan Maharaj replied ” Annam Brahmeti” which means Food is God

I keep writing in many ways on how auspicious and sacred it is to give food to people and also all life on Earth be it Ant or Elephant.

What inspired me to write this article?

On Saturday Amma called me to see two puppies sleeping near our House Gate peacefully. Amma said they came near the gate and Amma gave milk in a little vessel. They drank it and liked the Sun rays falling on them. So peacefully slept there itself..he he.

I took some photos of the Puppies to show you as they were so cute.

puppies sleeping

puppies sleeping peacefully after drinking Milk


puppies sleeping close to each other

I love the 7 o clock Sun rays streaking with Golden tint. So changed the setting in the mobile camera and took the below Photo


Puppies relaxing in Golden Sunrays

After a few minutes, the puppies woke up and were playing with each other. I kept taking many Photos and he gave me a pose.

Little Dog giving Pose

Little Dog giving Pose

My Mom was happy to see these Puppies and then as soon as the Puppies went away with their Mother, the Cow who usually comes to drink water came near Gate. It seems the two Cows came three times to have water. Amma said she kept pouring water in the bucket until they were satisfied. The Cow sat down near my house itself.

The greatness of feeding all Life on Earth

The reason I wrote this article is that Sai lives in every life and whenever you get an opportunity to feed the animals. Whenever guests come to your home, make sure they have food or drink something before they leave home. Food is auspicious and the only thing that will make people say “Enough”.



Always in the holy feet of Shirdi Sai Baba

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