Saw Shiva Lingam in the place of Shirdi Saibaba in dream

Sairam friends,

It was a very beautiful Shiv Ratri. ( Shiva Rathri in Tamil). I was simply speaking with my friends at work and hence did not do chanting in mind. I did a drawing and told my friends that I wish to make it famous cartoon character in India. he he…I wonder how long I can do such stupid jokes? Wish to be like this for life time.

Once I came out of office, I felt like chanting in mind and remembered by Lord Shiva and Shirdi Saibaba.

I imagined that I am in Dwarakamai and worshiping a Shiv Ling. ( Shiva Lingam in Tamil). I finally reached Nagasai Mandir, lit many lamps, offered Kumkum and went inside main hall. They have kept a new Saibaba Dwarakamai painting along with Pathuka photo in Dwarakamai. Good to see but I lost my good space in the corner to sit peacefully. I felt really sad about it. Its the space in the corner very comfortable for me to read books.

Anyway, every thing keeps changing and we have to adjust to it.

Then, I came home and had dinner.

I told my parents, I don’t have the space in the corner of Dwarakamai any more to read books. Since he also does some work and manages the local temple, I told him “Do not keep doing lots of things in temple because devotees needs space. The crowd is going to increase in years to come and hence we need space.”

My Father and his friends were arranging Shiv ratri pooja in Colony Siddhi Vinayakar temple. So I went there and the moment I entered the temple, I felt blissful. A old man took a paper and gave me some holy ashes ( Viboothi). He told me, someone had given it to him from Kailash. Felt happy for the old man’s gesture to give this prasad to all devotees.

I wanted to leave the temple as it was crowded. When I was about to leave, My Amma walked it. So I decided to stay in temple few more minutes. It was crowded near Lord Shiva – Vaidheeswaran’s place. Hence, I went and stood near the beautiful Goddess – ThaiyalNayagi Amman.

I did meditation for few minutes. It was a divine meditation. While meditating, I felt like never to speak much and be calm as I might be disturbing others at work. I never know what’s good for me.

I had some vision during meditation. It was very divine.

Then, I stood in the darkness under a little tree and kept looking at Parvathi. While everyone were looking at Shiva, Sai made me see Parvathi peacefully. I was the only one looking at her for long time. After doing aarti to Lord Shiva and Parvathi, the priest kept the Aarti lamp on a table over the tree. Hence, I took the photo. I love photography where you show things subtly. I could have taken better photo but mobile could only do so much. Here’s it.

shiva parvathi

Sacred aarti lamp of Shiva and Parvathi,

Once the Aarti got over, we returned home. I lit 7 lamps near Sai and Lord Shiva. I wanted to do some work but felt we must not think of anything else other than Lord Shiva today and laid down remembering Sai.

Divine dreams by Sai Grace

Sai blessed me with very vivid dreams. It was so real.

I saw myself in an auditorium where I give Sai photo to a girl. Then, I saw myself out in streets and crying to Gods. I was really in pain.  ( Note – The past 2 days Saibaba says words from different religion especially since he wants me to remember the importance of communal harmony. This girl too was Buddhist.)

Then, I saw myself with 4 guys I used to see in Shirdi Saibaba temple in my hometown. The temple was very different. Very ancient.

I walk inside and see a man who does seva in Saibaba temple. I say that “This man does good service.”

I thought its Saibaba temple but actually look like ancient Shiva temple. I go inside to have darshan of little Shiv Ling. I felt truly blissful. A lamp was glowing too.

I felt blissful and prayed Lord Shiva to bless me with good life.

After this, I saw very nice dream..

I saw a huge house. Some one saying its ……………House.

Then, I saw a place with very good interiors.

I had very vivid dream of a variety of Chocolates called Metti Chocolates. It was in vibrant colors, has net like structure. The chocolates were crispy too with combination of purple, baby pink and white.

When I had these dreams, My Appa woke me up. I could clearly remember all the dreams I had friends.

In the dream it was as if I am going to Shirdi Saibaba temple but the temple was ancient and I saw a Shiva Lingam in the place of Sai.

Hope you like my experiences friends

Aum Namah Shivaya



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