Sai reaches out to you as the morning ray of sun light

When ever there are difficulties, hold on and remember that Shirdi Saibaba cares for you. Sai may not immediately bring a change in your life but he is ever looking at you gracefully,invisibly.

You are in darkness with no idea about how to proceed and where to keep your feet. You might stumble and even fall down with none to lift you back.

These are lessons in life. Do not be stressed with your responsibilities, thoughts of future and desire that never seem to come true. Have patience. So much patience like these mountains and make yourself live for a reason.

You are going to be happy.

sai rays
Have Shradha and Saburi. Sai’s ray of blessing will reach you soon

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Last night, I was questioning myself why I did not have the life so many others get very easily? The only convincing answer I could imagine is “If I had such a normal life, I would have never cared for others.”

God gives us difficulties so that we know how it pains and hurts. When we grow ahead in our life, we can do little we can for people in need.

When you are in such a dark phase of life, believe in Sai without much expectation.

Sai reaches out to you as the morning ray of sun light.

The night might be too long for you but hold on with shradha and saburi for the day to break in.

Sai Ram,


6 thoughts on “Sai reaches out to you as the morning ray of sun light”

  1. Aum Sairam…
    Very encouraging to read in the morning…
    specially you have too many problems to deal with in daily life…
    in the recent past , when ever i have to decide between many choices…
    simply think of Sai for a moment and he will play with your mind
    to make the right decision…


  2. Thanks for sharing. My husband is in the hospital, fighting to get senses in his hands and legs. I am sure Baba will bless him with good health. Om Sai Ram! Sai Sai

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