Why focussing on Career and learning makes a Women’s life better?

Sairam friends,

“Happy Women’s Day”

I need not have a specific article for Women’s day because most of my articles touches being good to women and making girls realize that there’s a better, more beautiful life out there.

One of the reason, I care for women and sprad good messages through StarSai to women is this

“When you say something good to a Man, he keeps it to his heart. When you say something good to a Women, She passes it on to her kids and dear one’s. You can make a change in the whole generation to come”

One of the most irritating mails I receive from girls are about their relationship issue. You can love a man immensely. Appreciate it. But when he doesn’t care for you anymore, kindly understand that you must move on with your life. There’s lot more to do in your life. I have seen women suffering worser than you. I have seen Men who are struggling to run their family. So do not think that such a pain happens to you alone. All of us are having some troubles and difficulties in life.

Why focussing on Career and learning makes a Women’s life better

The message is for men too but since its Women’s day, I wish to spread this message. You can take a break due to marriage and relationship issues. Some women who have wonderful husband choose to be a home maker.Nothing wrong in being one as long as your husband takes care of you.

Imagine a situation when there’s a split in your relationship with your boy friend or husband. Holding on to your career helps in many ways..

  1. You can certainly divert your mind as you have something to do.
  2. You will be financial independent
  3. You will have some other people to see and speak to. One of the reason for depression is because you don’t open up your mind to other’s.

When it come’s to learning, Imagine a situation when you are not comfortable with the place you work

If you keep upgrading your skills, you will certainly have more chances of switching to better job.

So with this message, I shall let you know something.

Its honestly not easy to be a feminist in India if a Man is not married. Even when I do something with pure care, people assume, I am trying a girl. It has hurt and humiliated me a lot. All I can say is do not be narrow minded.

Saibaba respects a women so much..He calls Women devotees as Aaayee – Mother in Marati…he calls some as his Sister for seven birth!

Open up your heart

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