Enjoyed the festive atmosphere in Nagasai Mandir and had darshan of Saibaba’s holy Paadhuka

Sairam friends,

I was little upset with Sai and did not felt like going to Nagasai Mandir to have darshan of his holy padhuka that has come from Shirdi. I kept telling my parents that I don’t have mood to go temple today as it will be crowded. My Father told me that I must show my respect for Saibaba’s Padhukas which is my responsibility. In evening, I called up my friend who told me to call once I reach the temple as he can give me a pass to get in.  I got in comfortably, had darshan of Baba’s Padhuka’s and thanked Sai and my friends for the holy darshan.

I also listened to Bhajan’s by kids and other singers. Though I was upset initially, I enjoyed the festive atmosphere in the temple. I also realized that I must not complain on such events because Saibaba also likes it. Just that I could not tolerate too much show off by some people. Even Sai can’t help it because people change.

It was like the whole Coimbatore had come to the temple. One of this guy who did service told me that he got really tired as only 6 guys were inside the hall where they serve food from morning. So there are some good guys who sincerely serve Saibaba which I am happy about.

Secondly, I thanked Sai because the people who manage Nagasai are good enough and hence I enjoy their presence.

Two days back, on Friday evening, I was little sad due to few reasons. I went to Saibaba temple in my hometown telling Sai about what I was feeling. Many times I have requested Sai devotees following StarSai not to search for me in this purticular Sai temple in Coimbatore but since I regularly write about it, occasionally, I have come across devotees looking for me near Dhuni and asking other devotees if they know me. One of this wonderful Sai Sister from Palakkad and her husband had been trying to meet me for over 6 month. They had previously mailed me and also came to temple looking for me. I always escape from Sai children trying to meet me..he he..

I do this because I like being beind Sai and not infront of him.

You must see Sai and appreciate his presence in your life because sometimes, What I write or my guidance may not be right. Sai also likes it when he is directly approached.

Anyway, this Didi from Palakkad and her family have been keen to meet me.  As I entered the Sai temple, almost 4-5 devotees sitting in the varanda recogonized me and told someone is in search of you. I could not understand anything and why should anyone search for me at this time in temple?

I was too tired and said “I will drink water and go”.

Finally, they caught hold of me. This didi seems to read StarSai every day. She even told, today, when I came to Sai mandir, I prayed Sai that today I must see Venkatraman.

She even had wondered if I am so big a person that I won’t let people meet me?

It’s not like that. We must never show-up ourselves to people that easily. Atleast because Sai is more important that any of us who serve Sai. We must keep a low profile and hide ourselves behind Sai.

If Sai wills, he will make people meet.

Once again, let me clarify this.

I love Nagasai Mandir as it gave me shelter when I had nothing to do with life. Again, if I am not busy, I will seek shelter in the same Nagasai Mandir in Coimbatore. So I try my maximum not to disturb anyone there. This Didi who met me on Friday was very clear that she did not even not my Mobile number from my friends whom she enquired about me. She told me that she had read I don’t like anyone calling me taking number from friends there. I did enjoy talking with their family and had a good time.

Just that my humble request to everyone is simple.

Focus on Sai. Saibaba will speak to you.

I just want to go Nagasai Mandir when ever I wish and come back silently. So don’t look for me in this temple after reading StarSai. If you wanna meet me, write to me. I usually don’t reply because of reasons I mentioned earlier. If Sai wills, we can surely meet.

Further, These days, I am not able to visit the temple regularly. Due to my parents health issues, I even don’t do much work in temple as before. My friends are taking care of the holy Dhuni and filtering Udi. I just make sure the Dwarakamai and Dhuni is taken care by good people.

Thanks to all Sai children for this love and care you show on me. Having said that, I don’t write much about Sai here. I simply write about my life and relate Saibaba to it. Wonder what’s so special in that? I wanna do something in Education sector especially since its a concern for me that majority of youngters in India doesn’t go beyond a basic graduation. India needs more scholars, researcher’s and scientists. Further, there are several youngters who simply worry about things that’s not gonna fetch anything in their life. I wish to do something to motivate them and grow ahead in their life. To me, that’s a small responsibility Sai has been asking me to do.

Sai blessings


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