Vision of a diamond studded Lord Venkateswara keeps appearing in me

Sairam friends,

8th January 2017 is Vaikunda Ekadeshi and hence lets talk about the God who keeps hooking me into him the past few days.

Its been long since I shared a spiritual or divine story on StarSai. I try to express realistic day to day life happenings because StarSai is all about humanity and hence I touch what I go through, what people I know are going through and my concern for the society as whole.

Irrespective of all my misgivings, I must be thankful to Shirdi Saibaba, Lord Murugan and Lord Venkateswara since they have been very kind to me. I don’t like to use the word “Vision” because that’s the term many false Guru will use to cheat innocent people. My idea about vision is this.

It won’t be like a dream. I will be simply laying down or not in sound sleep. I will be aware of what’s happening around with eyes being closed. The surprising thing about vision is that I will still be able to see an image or a moving visual. Mostly visions are divine in nature. I won’t say what I saw in Lord Murugan’s vision as I would rather keep that as a secret.

When it comes to Lord Venkateswara, I often see a little diamond studded form of Sri Venkateswara right from the day I returned from Tirupati pilgrimage in December 2016. I would have seen the Lord more than 15 times in such a form so far. I don’t really understand what message this sweet Lord is trying to send me.

I just can understand Lord Venkateswara is a sweet and kind God. He’s not about wealth though everyone perceives him that way. He’s about love and care.

He cares for you and holds your palm.

These days, I am going through few worries and get depressed easily but the day after I had vision of Lord Venkateswara, I will try to keep myself engaged in something creative. I have not achieved what I wanted to do yet but have few plans and I consider those as Sai’s desire.

Music keeps me going

I used to like music and listening to songs so much. For many years, I gave up even listening to movie songs. I gave up watching movies. It usually takes me back to my filmmaking days and hurts me to core. In the past 4-5 month, I am trying to get back to my soul – Photography, Filmmaking and Music. I listen to very few songs but do it repeatedly. Only few of my friends knew that its because these songs were something I heared in Sai’s dream. Gradually, I am also listening to other songs which I happen to like.

As I was making few videos for Youtube, I did not like the fact that I am dependent on some Bollywood or Western Music. As soon as I upload the videos online, they send copyright notice. I had taken Guitar class when I was in school and was crazy about Music. I wonder where that Venkat is? I lost myself the moment I left filmmaking. I am simply earning my living, doing little work for Sai and then bugging Baba for things he tells me without any clarity.

The past one week, the biggest way to have fun at office is to tell guys near me “I am going to buy a keyboard and start to learn Music”.

I was doing the same before 3 years saying I am going to get a painting kit and become an artist. I will purposely look at a painting kit worth over 16,000 Rupees and say that just because I can’t get it, the world lost a great painter. One of my friend said ‘First you show us your skills in pencil drawing”.

I continue to have lots of fun making stick drawings and force everyone to appreciate it.

When it comes to Music and Keyboard, everyone thinks I am joking. In the middle of December, Sai blessed me with a dream and hence it inspired me to divert my mind to learn Music…Once again!

Surprise haan?

I did a video at work for Antashari and liked this quote a lot – Used with courtesy

I completely forgot how to read sheet Music and all the notes are alien to me. I have to get back what I lost as soon as possible.

Yesterday, I told my Mom “Keyboard Vanga poren..I am gonna get it”

She stared at me and said “Ennavo Pannu…Do what you wish”

Today, I again told my parents that I wanted to get back what I lost and going to buy keyboard. They asked me to spend carefuly.

I tried to order Yamaha 353 Keyboard from Amazon India. You know what? Even the whole law of nature wanted to give me an obstacle.The money got debited from my Bank but Amazon did not receive it. I had to call up customer support and fix the issue and they said it will take 2 days.

May be, the angels in the sky are requesting me to re-consider my decision to learn Music. he he…They wanted to save the world from noise!

I won’t give up. Once the money is reverted, I will certainly order and take Keyboard lessons online.  I am just worried about the disturbance my desire is going to cause my parents and in the neighbourhood. Anyway. That’s not my problem. I wanna do something to divert my mind and focus on being creative.

My Sister’s daughter is learning Piano and she plays it for us over skype. So atleast she will play it good when she comes to India someday.

The reason I am writing about my interest in learning music after all these years is because its something I suggest every single Sai devotee who writes me about their problem.

If you are facing a difficulty which you can’t change…

Focus on something creative.

Learn a new language.

Update yourself with something better in your field of interest.

Divert your mind and realize that the world is bigger than you think.

Here’s the article I wrote on my Birthday – Get rid of depression. Start Something Fresh

In my previous article –Being brutally honest with Shirdi Saibaba , I had mentioned that now a days, devotees are reading StarSai even during their pilgrimage to Shirdi. So I have to be more responsible. Similarly, today I got another mail this is the reason I tried to write about the greatness of Lord Venkateswara today as its Vaikunda Ekadesi.

Nirupa is one of my wonderful Sai friend and writes me occasionally. Today she mailed me ..

Hi Venkat,

Hope you are well. I thought of sharing something. Our Sydney Sai Family posts experiences of people. One such experience was to go to Star Sai and read it, probably an old post, I think.
I am so happy that your Star Sai reaches millions across the globe. When I met the person who manages the site I asked him do you know Venkat? He said No. So i told him Venkat owns Star Sai and has dedicated many many years to do Sai work. He is truly blessed and voluntarily does Sai Seva through Star Sai.

Keep up your Sai work and keep spreading the divine love of Sai through Star Sai.

With deep reverence,

As soon as I saw this mail, I realized that Saibaba wants me to write so many good stuff in StarSai which would inspire people to come out of their worries and lead a better, meaningful life. I know for sure that I am not doing enough for all these Sai children who come to StarSai. I have some plans to implement. I don’t deserve this for the little I do and must plan something really inspiring. Soon, I have plans to read Sai stories on Youtube recording it using my DSLR camera. I ordered a Microphone and its taking too long to reach my home as its on the way from China.

Now lets go back to Lord Venkateswara.

I don’t wake up early in the morning. I can’t agree that I am pure. I am going through so many worries that takes away my time from Chanting Gods or saints name. Then, why should Saibaba and Lord Venkateswara show me such visions. I am not special. I am as ordinary as anyone else. May be, they just wanted me to tell the world the story about how caring they are even to people like us in this fast world. You might be busy with your life style. Focus on your duty but never forget to follow righteousness.

As long as you only Think, See and Do good, Gods and Saints will always stand by your side, live inside yourself and take care of you.

I shall take a leave for the day with the following articles

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Om Namo Narayanaya

Om Namo Venkatesara

Sai Ram


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