Saibaba wants me to respect others creativity and make videos with original music

Sairam friends,

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Yesterday, My friend came to my home and we both started to work in his bike. On the way, his bike tyre got punctured. Hence, we decided to come back to my home and go to work by my car. I must thank a stranger who gave me a lift in his bike to come back home. I removed shoes in veranda, took my car key and started moving out with my friend. We were listening to this song “Sun raha hai na tu” and I had a plan in my mind to work on a video for Sai based on this song everyone loves.

As I parked my car, I realized that I forgot to wear shoes and came to work. The problem is with my habit of driving only with socks on. I could not buy any other footwear as all shops were closed due to the situation in Coimbatore. Initially, it was embarrassing to be bare foot in work place but later told this to everyone calling it ‘Joke of the day”.

Only during lunch, I felt little odd to walk to canteen but I never bothered. I kept saying “Everybody look up”.

One of my friend asked me why I myself told this to everyone? I told him “Let them laugh. Is there a better thing to do with life than making people laugh and be happy?”

Respect others creativity

This desperate intention of entertaining people made me use movie songs for 10 to 20 seconds in the past 2 videos I made for Saibaba. I was careful not to use it much as I believe its ethically not right. Since I have myself worked in few filmmaking projects, I know how hard it is to make a film or compose a song for that matter. Apart from money, there’s hard work of hundreds of creative minds. I must not simply play around using original music score just to entertain people.

This morning, I had a dream like this…

I am going to my aunts house in Chennai. My aunt had received a letter. It was like a phone bill.  My Aunt tells me “Pavithra was broadcasting several movie songs in her small unauthorized radio station and hence we received a letter asking for fine of Rs.6000/- for every song being played”.  The funny part is she says the letter came from CRPF. I was wondering why should Central reserve police Force send such a letter about Music copyright law..he he. Anyway, Sai’s dreams are complicated. May be he said something about the unrest in Coimbatore. ( Many dreams from Sai were to convey the message that I must do something for people serving the country)

As soon as I woke up, I was clear about what Saibaba warms me about – “Do not use music, videos, photos or any material unless its offered for under creative common license” 

I use some creative common licensed photos but really Music is good only if I can pay little for some tracks.

May be Saibaba excused me for the  2 videos I used songs and now he wants me to be careful.  Now my only choice is to annoy you people with my own virtual Piano composition like I did in my first video or buy royalty free music.  Wish I am a musician so that I don’t have to spend much money. I can’t be original now. Anyway Its OK to spend some money to purchase music rather than worrying that my videos for Saibaba has copyright issues.

Speaking about Sai is so pure that he doesn’t want me to worry if people are entertained enough or might get bored

While I was on bus, I realized why Saibaba choose this particular cousin? May be because we were close when we were kids or May be since her name “Pavithra” means purity, Sai means to tell me even if I speak about his glory without trying to make it interesting with music and songs, it still will be considered worthy by his children.

Alternative way of using music

If you sing well, record in your mobile and send them –

It will be great if you invest in a professional microphone (I am planning to buy one) which can reduce noise but recording in a silent place in your mobile phone too is fine.

Another alternative is to request any of my Sai friends with good voice to sing Sai bhajans or even these movie songs in their mobile and send it to me. There are few instructions to follow before doing this. So write to me if you can help me with this. Before you start to sing, switch off the Fan or make sure its really calm. Then, record the ambient sound. I mean, be silent in the place where you record for 20 seconds and then start to sing. It helps me pick the noise and reduce them.

I am went to Saibaba temple both in the morning and later in the evening. I did nothing useful today. Slept nicely hugging a little Sai statue. I was praying Saibaba to come in dream and guide me. Another excuse to sleep during afternoon. My friend called me over phone and I was really irritated because I had a dream which I forgot to remember.

Sai gave me roses in so many colors 

I was really complaining last evening at work that I am not able to go to Saibaba temple from office. I get restless if I remain in a place. Either, I like to be in Saibaba temple or simply go some where. Atleast in the evenings. So I felt relaxed when I was in Saibaba temple today. I simply read a book, remembered Saibaba and felt blessed. Surprisingly,the priest gave me garland and kept giving me many little Roses. Roses in Red..Roses in Yellow. As if there’s so much Sai wanted to give me.

OK Tata


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