Goddess Sita looks with the same merciful eye at everyone and Deer on the way in Tirumala Hills

Sairam friends,

Last night I was watching few videos about Entrepreneurship and got some tips. I was blessed with a very vivid dream in which Sai gave me a message that he has saved me from worst which was about to happen at work. I was surprised because I did had some issues but tried to complete the work and moved on. The problem with me is I don’t like anyone being harsh and showing attitude towards me or anyone for that matter.

I am working on a project and believe Sai has encouraged me to continue with it.

sita devi
Sita devi with her beloved Rama with her divine Merciful eye

Anyway, I wish to write about how holy and sweet is Goddess Sita – Sita devi as we call her with love.

Goddess Sita looks with the same merciful eye at everyone

Sita was captured by Ravana and kept in Lanka for several months. She was very sad being separated from her beloved Rama and at times used to shed tears. Hanuman came to rescue Sita devi and did all he could to help Rama. Finally, Lord Rama won over Ravana and took Sita on his divine Vahana which can fly on sky.

While leaving Lanka, Lord Rama said to his wife “Sita, all these 10 months, you were angry and in pain as you were captured by Ravana. So your angry look towards this land of Lanka might even effect its innocent people.So turn back at Lanka now and look with your merciful eye so that all the people will be blessed and lead a happy life.

Sita immediately told Rama, ” I never show any differentiation in my looks towards good and evil. I even saw Ravana with the same merciful eyes as I know his behavior could ruin his life. So I had always looked at these people of Lanka with the same Merciful eye”

Rama realized the motherly affection of Sita on everyone.  This shows that all our Goddess like Mahalakshmi, Sita devi and Andal always looks at their devotees with Merciful eye and their grace is always on us.

Hope you like this beautiful Sita Leela friends.

Deer on way to Tirumala Hills

Now I shall post few photos my friend at office contributed. There’s a advantage that after years of hiding StarSai from everyone at work, now everyone knows about it though they don’t visit it often. The advantage is, I can directly request them if I can use any pictures for devotees to see.

My friend had gone to Tirupathi with his wife and showed me these beautiful Deer which I truly feel happy to see. Photographically its amazing and the Deer is cute too.

deer thirupathi
Paul McCartney
“You can judge a man’s true character by the way he treats his fellow animals.”
― Paul McCartney

I love the way the Deer Looks !

deer animal thirupathi hill
“The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

A very old Deer below having food the devotees offered on way to Thirumala

deer old
Old Deer having food devotees offered

Ok friends

Hope you realized the greatness of Sita devi and beautiful Deer on way to Tirumala hills. My friend had walked all the way to have Darshan of Lord Venkateswara and was blessed with darshan of these beautiful deer too.

Sri Venkateswara – The God who opened eyes for chanting his holy name

Sai blessings


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