Speak sweetly and do lots of good deeds that it adds colors in someone’s life

Sairam friends,

I had wonderful darshan of Lord Venkateswara. It was really a peaceful trip as I went with my friend and we had good experience. Give me sometime to write articles on my Tirupati trip. Meanwhile, I was inspired to write this article since I took photo of colorful bangles in a Shop in Tirumala. I went inside and kept taking some photos and even a video clip. The shopkeeper got annoyed and asked “What do you want?” in Telugu. I showed my friend who was buying some stuff.

Photographers would recogonize this as ‘Patterns” which adds to the interest. I love the way the bangles are arranged in the shop. The lights over them makes these glass bangles glitter too. It’s so beautiful to see.

See this..

Beautiful and colorful bangles I admired in the shop

When I see these colorful bangles photo, I wish to use this to convey this message. Lately, I found myself speaking little harsh or unpolite to anyone I know. May be, I am taking too much rights on them. Even if someone irritates us, we doesn’t have to react harshly. I have seen some people speak so soft and sweet even if they are angry. It’s truly an art to speak sweetly.

So here’s the message I bring from my divine experience in Tirumala.

Speak sweetly and do lots of good deeds that it adds colors in someone’s life

God and Sai gives lots of opportunities to do good to others but we basically we don’t recogonize them and miss most of them. Your life will be good if you try to speak good and do good to everyone you come across in life. It’s easy to write but  I myself don’t know to react softly if someone bugs me with their words. Wish I could change myself. For all the devotion I have on Saibaba, I can’t keep on justifying all my shortcomings.

Whom should I impress?

The other day at work, I was singing this song by Bon Jovi – Diamond Ring, Wear it on your hand. Someone told me that I am singing to impress someone. I told her, I am hurt when she says this. Later, I realized, its better not to speak much and sing always.

I tried a lot to control speaking at work but honestly, I can’t do it anymore. So lets see. I just have to be careful. These days, I am too casual because I wanted to get out of worries and focus on something “Beautiful”. ‘

Now a days, my mission is to make a beautiful Music Video and hence I keep looking at songs I love and humming them. I love cutting songs. Filming and editing is my passion.

There’s a phase in everyone’s life when they wanted to do something really worthy.

My mind is pulling me towards Filmmaking and Photography once again. I wish Sai helps me do a project I am planning the past 2-3 weeks. I a small video I made while I was in Mumbai is totally lost. I am going to take the tape and try if I can digitize it.

Similarly, I wish to make one for Coimbatore as I love this city so much. All my plans simply remains in my heart. Wonder if Sai wants me to give shape to it? Anyway..The words “Youa are trying to impress someone” kept repeating in my mind. Impress by doing what and whom?

My dreams and all that I wish to do in life must have a broader pespective. I must create something that everyone will enjoy and feel good about.

I hope Saibaba helps me do it.

I found this Shirdi Saibaba photo in a shop in Tirumala..You like it?

Shirdi Saibaba
Love you in Orange Saibaba

Once again, Keep speaking and doing good.

You can add colors in someone’s life…


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  1. I got wonderful msg from this article today to remind myself that how much work I need to do on myself. I have been very harsh and bitter lately due to what is going around me. I am irritated and cranky. I hope god give me strength to improve on myself so I can speak sweet and do only good things. thanks to you. om sai ram

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