Your mind is like a hummingbird, Saibaba is the flower and his leelas are nectar

Sairam friends,

I went to Shirdi Saibaba temple last evening especially since I felt like “Sai wants me to come to Dwarakamai”. I went and told him “Sai, I don’t usually come on Thursday as its crowded but today, I came since You wanted me to come”. I usually stand in the parking space if its Thursday. So lit lamps, prayed Dhuni Baba and went to Parking space thinking about my life. Then, I came home.

I wanted to create a simple way of remember Sai.

We all remember Saibaba. Some remember him few minutes in the morning, Some where ever they go and what ever they do, Some devotees remember him when they are in Saibaba temple. Most devotees remember him at the time of need when they are going through a difficult situation.

Now, the question is, are we able to keep our mind focused towards Sai?

We can’t. Mind keeps wavering.

Mind works in a very peculiar manner. Even when you chant SAI’s holy name, you might suddenly come across an image, a thing, a guy/girl, you might think about past. Once this happens, one image connects to related image and you loose your track in remembering Sai. This is the power of Maya. It doesn’t let you remember Guru and it happens to everyone.

There’s nothing wrong in getting distracted. There’s nothing wrong in being sensually engaged with something. After all, we are humans. It just gotta do with the kind of life you dream to live.

Do you want to live as you wish or do you want to live the way Sai wants you to live?

Further, When you  are going through a difficult phase in life, its better to be focused in your education/work/what ever is right for you to do. If you are involved in any wrong doing, you will only face more problems. But the world won’t let you do your work sincerely with dedication. You don’t even have to remember Sai. All you should do is be true to yourself and continue your duty that’s ethically right for you.

For those who wish to remember Saibaba and remain pure every moment of their life, its important to keep the mind “STAY” at one place. Never get carried away by your anger, fear, lust, greed and other emotions. Be happy for the Guru you got and ever remember him.

In today’s Shirdi Saibaba’s nature collection, I have portrayed your Mind as a Hummingbird, Saibaba as the flower and his leelas ( his play which we call as miracles) as nectar in the flower. How can a Hummingbird leave the flower which has tons of Nectar in it. We all love honey right?

The problem with Sai devotees is that we think Saibaba as a powerful Saint who will fulfill our desires. True. It may or may not happen but we must also learn to love Sai for what he is. Devotion – Bhakti Marga is very beautiful. Close your eyes and imagine that you are with Sai and think how much Sai cares for you. This is devotion.

So here’s today’s message..


shirdi saibaba flower
Love Sai and remember him the way hummingbird stays in a place to have nectar in the flower

Its honestly not an easy task to be good and pure every moment of your life. Even people who are true Sai devotees loose track of their path.

I wrote this article to make sure I too learn to be pure internally remembering Sai.

Aum Sai Ram


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