Chanting Shirdi Saibaba’s holy name will make you pure

Sairam friends,

I went to Shirdi Saibaba temple last night and lit lamps. I offered Garland to all the Sai statues on terrace and came back home. I got two books from the Shop in the temple. I am planning to re-design StarSai with a new theme. Hope it comes out well by Sai grace.

I was too sleepy last night. Now, I am starting to work and writing this in hurry.

Something I understood in the past 2 weeks is that when I write articles to spread Sai’s message, my reach is very less. This is because even people who are interested in reading articles often don’t have time to read. I have reached more than 1 lakh Sai devotees across India after I started spreading some good messages through images – Shirdi Saibaba Nature collection.

The problem is, You might find messages being repeated or probably boring if you read regularly. Honestly, I am not a good self-help writer but I try my best to inspire people. I want people to focus on their work, lead a peaceful life and grow ahead. Also, one must not be too materialistic. We only will get what we deserve. So try to accept it and be happy for what you have.

So far, by Sai grace I am managing to write something worthy. Only Sai knows if I am doing it right.

In today’s Shirdi Saibaba nature collection, I wrote about the value of Naam Smaran – Chanting the holy name “Sai Sai Sai” or any mantra or simple chanting you like. It honestly has a way of changing your bad habits if any to good habits. Your mind gets purified and you start to have good thoughts. When your thinking process is good, naturally your deeds will be good and eventually, your life will be good.

So keep chanting SAI,SAI,SAI deeply in mind.

You need not sit and do pooja all day. All you have to do is, keep yourself busy with your work or do something that matters to you. Then, once in a while, Chant the holy name of Sai, in your mind. It comes by practice. You will find it changing your life for good.

shirdi saibaba chanting
Chant holy name of Saibaba and make your mind pure

Hope you like it friends. I am collecting Sai experiences. So look for contact page and write me if you have something beautiful and divine to Share.

Aum Sai Ram,


3 thoughts on “Chanting Shirdi Saibaba’s holy name will make you pure”

  1. I find your post absolutely wonderful. Sai provides response to my worrying problems through your posts. Keep up your wonderful job!

    Thanks & Sairam!

  2. Om Sai Ram…

    Really Venkat…while reading all your posts it seems it’s all written for me…i can relate so well to all those posts…please do keep on writing the posts…..

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