Your life will be good if you do PhD

Sairam friends, Last night, I went to Sai Baba temple, reached home, and planning something for my new project. I read a book about 63 Nayanmar’s who served Lord Shiva and then slept off. This morning, I heard a voice which said “Your life will be good if you do a PhD”. I am not … Read more

Running out of my time

Sairam friends, I has been to a campus recruitment drive 4 days back and enjoyed it a lot. Again, Yesterday, I went to another college. On the way, I was reading a book about a women who built the only Engineering college in Kashmir. I could not believe she had to face terrorists to continue … Read more

India’s wasted bandwidth

Sairam friends, Few years back when I was in one of my cousin’s home, he was pouring lots of water on the floor. My uncle told his son “Don’t waste electricity”. I was blinking for a while as I din’t know what he humorously meant that we use the electricity for Motor to fill the … Read more