Running out of my time

Sairam friends,

I has been to a campus recruitment drive 4 days back and enjoyed it a lot. Again, Yesterday, I went to another college. On the way, I was reading a book about a women who built the only Engineering college in Kashmir. I could not believe she had to face terrorists to continue to run her college. I get scared for small things in life and wondered how can some people be so strong? We can’t do anything in life if we can’t face opposition and stay strong in our mission.

I was upset with few happenings there yesterday in the college. I felt pity for the poor students there but could not help much. Where ever I go, I speak to as many students as possible and some faculties too.

I like going to educational institutes as it helps me understand the pain points faced by the College Management, Faculties, Students and the Industry expectation when they try for a job. I literally hate some politicians being a part of these colleges but in a way, their desire to earn money through education has helped India get many institutes to choose from. I just can’t bear the way they show off inside their campus too.

I came home so tired as I am too weak for long distance journey. Got head ache and slept off. I got a dream based on which I wrote this article. I got idea about what I wish to do ahead in my life and will be working on it from today. I am running out of time.

I have to do something that makes my life meaningful.

10 years later, I can’t regret why I did not start now. Already its too late and I am happy that Sai has set my time now.

Sai Bless


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