Shirdi Saibaba blessings for daughter’s good education

shirdi saibaba
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Sairam friends,

There are many parents who are worried about their Son’s and Daughter’s education. They pray Saibaba to help their kids. There are some students who has exam fear and some who can’t remember what they learn. Even during Sai’s life time, Baba used to bless the school children to do well in their studies and surprisingly they did well.

Read the devotees experience below…

Before that, here’s a beautiful photo of Sai Baba from Sampurna

shirdi saibaba

Shirdi Saibaba blessings for good education

Dear Mr. Venkat,

It is really heartening to see a website like yours wherein a lot of doubts and confusions in the mind of a normal human being have been taken up and addressed.  Congratulations for maintaining such a wonderful site.  Please keep up your good work.

I would like to share my experience with Sai Baba which has been overdue for a little while now.  This is the very first time that I have got an opportunity to share my experience, though I have been a regular reader of other devotees’ experiences.

I am from New Delhi.  My daughter who was in class 12th was facing problems with her studies even though she was working hard.  I was really worried about her preparation of final board exams as well as her results.  I started Sai Vrat which I initially planned to have for 9 Thursdays, but actually got extended to 21 Thursdays.  During this time I visited Sai Mandir at Lodhi Road several times as I don’t have a Sai Mandir in my area.  I prayed to Sai with full and ardent devotion and got to see him in my dream.  My daughter too had a dream of Sai and started have several intuitions of Sai Baba guiding and blessing her.  It was indeed an incredible experience and still is.

No wonder she got though her exams with good marks and took up admission in a good university in B. Tech (Computer Science).  It has indeed been a blessing beyond words.  I thank Sai a million times from the core of my heart.  I am indebted to Sai in so many ways and have become more humane since the time Sai came into my life.  I can feel myself being guided towards a higher path in life and I can feel Sai’s presence in my life all the time.

I request all Sai devotees to have faith in Him and fully trust Him at all times.  I have never felt so peaceful and reassured in life as I have felt with Sai’s presence in my life.  He takes away all the turbulences from your mind and bestows you with peace.  Om Shri Sai Nathaya Namah!  God bless you all!!


Sai Saraswathi ( Name changed as devotee requested)

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