Guidance for Students who wait too long to Continue Education and Career

Disclaimer – The Writer of this article has wasted years day dreaming about Career goals which would never come true. After years of failure, he realized its important to write about his mistakes so that others won’t do it.

Sairam friends,

Over the past few days, I have wrote enough about relationship issues and I myself get bored of it. I reflect what currently happens in the society and hence I can vouch you every other girl/guy/married men and women have some kind of relationship problem. Most of these are small day to day issues which gets sorted out soon but for some devotees, it gets painful. My only satisfaction in writing about my own life and few relationship issues is that am able to make people have patience and have immense faith on Sai as their life will be good someday.

Today, I want to write few words for Students/Professionals who wait too long to get admission in a university/college they desire to join. Some students are too specific in Continuing their education only if they get admission in the University they desire.

I know you are ambitious and you wish to be in the best Educational Institute ever. You can always wait for things to work out as you wish but have a second thought to it. Are you going to be the same “You” even if you don’t get what you were expecting after an year or more. What if life is giving you more failures than you expected? What if you were not able to score the marks you expected to get admission or go abroad to study etc.

Learning is a continuous process:

If you really need time to prepare for an exam or what ever it requires to get you a better opportunity, take your time to do it. Make sure you are ready to accept failures in the end. I keep speaking about failures because if you are successful, you won’t be reading this.

I am just concerned about Students who wait too long to continue their Education. You may think that your life will be good if you join in a Good university in India or abroad. You might have good score but may not have been lucky enough to get through. You might have not got the Visa you need to move on further.

In such situations, few students have mailed me saying they have been believing Saibaba for years but Sai din’t help them. Keep one thing in mind. You and me can’t judge Shirdi Saibaba based on what we achieve or loose in life. Irrespective of what happens, You must have ability to with stand any difficulties and have enough patience.

You don’t have to waste your time just hoping something you desire will come true.

There are so many ways to make you feel that you din’t loose any thing. You can keep learning all your life and every minute of your waiting time. The world may not have recognized your talent and skills now, but someday the knowledge you have gained will make your life better.

Do not get disappointed – You are going to be successful

Never ever get disappointed for being rejected any where. May be those people don’t deserve you. Do you think everyone who’s in IIT, IIM and who are educated abroad are really smart and have a successful Career all their life? Make your mind stronger and try to be creative in what you choose to do in life.

May be some other university or may be you could take up a small job for time being. There’s always a way. I have wasted several years in my life and regretted too late that I must have used these years productively. Today, I am 35 and when I see girls and guys writing me that they are upset about something, I want to do little I can to encourage them.

Be Flexible – Read good books, Take up a small job for time being

I know it pains when you are rejected. Never give up and think that its the end. You have to be flexible and try to do other things for the time being. If your dream is to land up in a better career, prepare well for it but for time being take up any thing that helps you reach there.

Be Active

You must never waste a moment of the day worrying about what happened to you. Its OK to fail and at least be happy, you have Sai with you. Keep being active and learn something everyday. Read books, watch useful online videos in your field of choice, Interact with the experts and always be open to new ideas.

Avoid bad company and habits:

The worst part about taking a break to prepare for something better is the time you might have to spend being calm and waiting for things to happen. Not all will be able to avoid bad company and habits. They get into things which will only degrade them and they can never achieve what they dream. So be clear about your goals and remain pure at heart.

I know so many students who wanted to study IAS/who desire to get into IIT/IIM or study abroad. Some have been really successful but when you are not able to get what you desire, are you going to think its over for you? Many people who are well learned never worship God but they have immense ability to with stand any kind of failures. So you too must learn to divert your mind and work on a better life.

I myself wanted to be a Filmmaker when I started my career but when I saw its not going to workout being someone from a simple family, I gradually moved out of it. I might have become a Filmmaker if I had sustained all the injuries life might have given but I would have never built StarSai.

Today, I don’t tell Story on screen but every single day, every single hour, someone who reads StarSai are changing their life for good. May be Sai wanted me to help many people tell a better story of their life.

When I started to write this article, one of my cousin came home to visit us. Last year, she left to U.S to do her higher studies and now she came for vacation.  I am sure she forgot the past but before 4 years, when she was in her first year of B.E, she helped me to do photography of Saibaba which you can see in

She was helping me decorate the Saibaba statue and held the thermocol sheet to reflect the soft light from my rooms window over the Sai statue.  I felt happy she enjoys her education abroad.

Your good time is yet to come. Make yourself flexible and do what ever little you can to make your life better. You can always reach your destination someday. Sai is with you.

shirdi saibaba education
Shirdi Saibaba blessings for good Education and career

I hope Students and professionals who reads this takes the right decision for their life. You can always wait but use your time productively. If something doesn’t work. There’s always a better opportunity. It might look small or ordinary but see how much you can learn from it. Take up any good opportunity and keep learning.

With Sai Saraswathi Blessings,


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  1. thanku soo much sir for this article it is really very soothing to here and gives hope for people who fail 🙂

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