Don’t cheat. Sai is there to help you do well in exam

Sairam friends,

I had this devotees experience for long time which I wanted to post. I want to make sure this doesn’t mislead any students appearing for exams.

Hey. Please do not copy or involve in cheating during your exam. Instead, believe in Shirdi Saibaba pr any God you love and do your exam sincerely. Sai will surely help you do well in exam. Just believe in your self and do not fear. You are going to do well.

Anyway, The below experience from Lavanya is truly funny and sweet !

Om sai ram…
I  was in class 5 when i came to know about Baba from one of my relative..that time I cant say i became a big devotee of Sai or something like that but i used to worship him.Once I was giving an exam and I had cheat with me in my instrument box .Suddenly the girl sitting in front of me caught by teacher with cheat (papers with answers) with her and she was scolded and expelled.

I got terrified and went to washroom.That time i don’t know why but I prayed to Sai to help me out of that situation .I said

“Please help me Baba. If today You will save me I promise to never cheat again in life”.

And I cant believe when i returned to class teacher had checked everyone boxes and all except mine. I was saved.Now I am in second year of engineering and from that day onward I have never cheated again .And my Sai is always there for me for showing me right path.


Om sai ram

Hope you like it friends. Some students write me about their studies and worry a lot. I keep encouraging them to be confident and that they are going to do well in their education and career.

Sai ki jai


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  • Thanks fr the experience u have shared really cost much for me…
    I have copied whenever i felt like i am going to fail in that exam not remembering sai is there to look at me..i have experienced many miracles by remembering baba during tough time in my exams
    But ill forget everything soon and got used to live the way this materialistic world leads.
    Now aftr reading to sai sister experience i got to know the reason behind my lag in studies..
    Baba plz frgive dis idiot fr not remembering ur presence wen u extended ur helping hand and blamed u fr my bad days..i have never known ur greatness baba..i am mislead by many but u showed me the right path..
    From now on i believe that u r my strength baba..
    Plz forgive me thinking im ur son..
    Always i feel thankful to venkatraman sir fr guiding us through dis page
    May sai give eternal peace to his devotees

  • Honest will definitely win. Baba supports those people who are sincere and hard workers. OM SAI SRI SAI JAYA JAYA SAI.

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