There’s no age limit to continue education when Saibaba is there to guide you

Sairam friends,

I come across many Sai devotees who consider continuing their education but they think that its not possible as they have other responsibilities in life. At times, there’s nothing else you can do than learning something in your field of choice. I wanted to encourage everyone to continue their education when ever you get time and opportunity to do so no matter how old you are.

What really surprises me is Indian parents consider B – Tech/Engineering asĀ  “Well Educated” . These girls/guys are hindered by their career opportunities. Once you get job, you stop your learning process there. Only a fraction of these graduates realize the importance of Post graduation and Phd etc. We lost many Phd’s in this country especially because youngsters did not even had time to think about it.

Anyway, Here’s an experience from a elderly devotee from Mumbai. I am posting this experience for making students who have exam fear to be believe that Sai will do good to them.

My experience

Aum Sai Ram.

My name KRISHNAN S and I live in MUMBAI.

I wish to share with you all my experience in my personal life.

I completed my Post Graduation in the University of Mumbai. During the final Semester Exams , I had lot of Stress. I could not devote more time to studies due to personal work and family commitments. I appeared for the Exams ( Three University papers and two internals ) with absolute faith in Sri Shirdi Sai Baba. I must confess that I love Sai Baba as he has been my sole source of enlightenment and Struggle.

I am 52 years old and I just pray to My beloved Sai Baba…and keep him close to my heart. The results have come and I have cleared the exams; Yes….Yes…I have passed my Post Graduation. In this kaliyuga , I am very fortunate that Sai Baba is with us all to worship and share our problems of Life. I love you SAI BABA…I love you So much.

Thanks to the Book ( SAI BABA is STILL ALIVE ) by Sister Jaya Wahi which I read these days whenever I have time. Jaya ‘s own experiences are true to believe that Yogi Raja Parabrahmam Sainath Maharaj is with every devotee who loves him. I am running short of words to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for the way Sai Baba helped me during the exam stress and held my hands to come out of the exams successfully.

I wish to thank and express my sincere gratutude to each of the following Sai family members……Sri Sai Deovtee in Nagapatinam.






Aum sai namo namaha

Sri sai namo namaha

Jai jai sai namo namaha

Sadguru sai namo namaha

– Krishnan

Hope you like this devotees experience friends.

May saibaba bless you



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  • Baba i am helpless..pls allow me to ryt d exam…that is the only wish i am asking u…what ever d result may be..i may pass ..may not…but dnt make me not to attempt d exam..u knw hw much i love this exam..pls baba …pls…

  • Timely article since I have been wanting to enroll in a master’s program for the last 2 yrs and haven’t done so partially out of fear (have a full time job and other commitments/hobbies etc) and partially because it’s very expensive in the US.

    I feel scared to spend tens of thousands although I know it can be recouped in a very short time once I enter that field. I am passionate about that field (a continuation/enhancement of my current career already in that field) and yet, something is stopping me. I got accepted into the program and even bought the book but when I found out how expensive it is and how I was not getting any tuition assistance from my employer, I backed out.

    May be Sai will lead to o the right thing if this is what I am meant to do. Jai Sairam!!!

  • Venkat,

    Timely article indeed, I got enrolled recently for a masters course after lots of years after graduation, but was not confident and having doubts whether it is right or how I will be able to complete this, your article is an answer from our shirdi saibaba.

  • Baba nanu pass chey baba!! Na life motham nathoney vunnav we okkasari nanu pass chey baba

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