A life lost in vain

I couldn’t sleep peacefully thinking about the past and the mistakes I did. I regret few decisions I made over the years. It has ruined my life which would have been much better had I acted little carefully. I am upset from this morning due to few reasons.

Today, I told Sai that I am not sure what he wants me to do now?

All this is because I wasn’t focussed. I simply played around with my life.

A year back, my Sister helped one of our cousin for her education. Yesturday, my Sister asked if this cousin is doing well in her studies and where’s She applying? I told her that She has her IIT exams this month but its hard to get through. My Sister asked if She’s trying in other good colleges like BITS Pilani? I told her that my cousin may not have thought about other better alternatives.

My Sister started shouting asking why my cousin can’t make use of it even when we helped her. I told her, most of the Children in India are like this. A percentage of the kids are ambitious, goal oriented and they work hard to do well in their academics. The vast majority, especially girls in India are OK with doing some education in some college and they move on with their life.

Thankfully, atleast some of them do their Post graduation but vast majority stop learning once they are well placed in an organization.

My Cousin’s brother wanted to join MBA in a college in Coimbatore. I found this college doesn’t have any reputation. I told him, do it if its a good institution. Else, write exams and go through counselling. The point is, there’s a load of educational institutes in India simply looting away money without offering good educatioon.

This is just one family. I know how they shape their career because they are my cousins. Imagine millions of middle-class families in India. Not all will be lucky to end up in a good educational institute. Not all will be lucky to have interest to continue their education. And certainly not all of us are lucky enough to get a job we deserve.

There’s so much distraction for Indian youngsters today that only selective few are able to be dedicated, focussed and fulfill their goal.

When ever my Sister tells me that Chinese students are doing well. Look how much they learn..I feel what went wrong with India?

You can take my life for example. I am suffering because of my own wrong decisions.

I don’t want anyone to loose their life the way I did to myself.

When you read this, you must ask yourself how you can shape your education, career and life.

I am sure most of you who come to StarSai are young.

Take a paper and write 10 things you can do to make your life better.

I don’t see any future for myself. I will live as long as I breath.

A life lost in vain.

Om Sai Ram


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