When you say “I see him as my husband. I see her as my wife”, you cheat yourself

Sairam friends,

I really don’t want to write this article but I felt it would be an eye-opener for few devotees who might take right decision after they read this.

Very rarely I receive mails from girls saying “I was in relation with a guy for 3 years. We had physical relationship too. Now his parents doesn’t allow us to marry him”.

The worst case scenario – I know a girl who get into this after She was engaged. Later, the guy’s family had some misunderstanding and this girl kept on writing me about what went wrong.

Guys won’t realize their mistake so soon. I know men who write me after they marry another girl and their kids grow up. When their kids have health problems, they write me asking “Is it because I cheated a girl when I was young?’

There are couples who go to Shirdi before getting married. I have seen and heard things which I can’t even write here.

Yesterday, I went to a wedding of a family friend. Usually, I don’t like to be in one place. I asked my parents to get in and simply roamed around the wedding hall. I was bored and thought of calling my Sai friends. I spoke to Geetanjali didi and Kavitha. Then, I called up another Geetanjali but She was away. While speaking to Kavitha, I walked near an Auto. I turned to see a girl and the driver inside the auto. It was completely dark but I could understand what’s happening. I walked away immediately. I turned back to see the auto had a Saibaba sticker behind it.

I kept staring at this Sai over the auto and told him “Baba ..Why are you showing this to me?. Atleast if the girl was forced to be inside, I would have warned the driver or gathered people to drive him away. But seems She’s partner in the crime or should I say its their life and they are happy.

I walked inside the wedding hall and simply stood in parking space until my parents came out.

Bad relationship is happening everywhere. In elite society, we can’t easily find it out but its happening. So we can’t blame people whom we come across are engaged in bad relationship.

We went to Saibaba temple just before Aarti was over and I distributed prasad in Dwarakamai. I came home and tried to write this article. I started writing and kept deleting it because why should I say this to everyone? I slept off thinking about the following

1.Why people don’t understand what real love is?

2.Why girls don’t realize that until they get married, She can’t call anyone as her husband. That has never worked in the history of evolution.

3.Why people don’t want to be pure?

I slept of hugging Sai book.

I woke up and again thought should I write this or not.

I decided to write because Sai has to manage everyone who come after doing a mistake. If someone of you try to be careful after reading this article, I feel that my job is done.

When you are in relationship, have a limit. Don’t regret in future.

Secondly, even saying “I see him as my Husband…I seem her as my wife” will ruin your life.

Until you actually get married, none can be your husband or wife.

There’s another reason I write this – Some devotees assume if an public transport like Taxi or Auto has Saibaba’s sticker, its a blessing and they will be safe. Most of the time, you might be right. But not all who have Sai’s photo or claim that they worship Sai are good and pure. So be careful in the way you judge. When I travel anywhere, I never get influenced by people claiming they are “Sai devotees”.

I had never trusted any Men or Women just because they say “I am a Sai devotee”.

It has become a fashion now to say that. Anyone who has lots of desires will naturally become a Sai devotee these days.

Be pure.

Make sure you find a girl or a guy who loves you truly for what you are.

Focus on something more important in life – Your studies and  Career.

Om Sai Ram


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