Greed for wealth and money will only result in loss

Sairam friends,

Sai has a very peculiar nature of handling his devotees.

Some are blessed to run a business.

Some devotees are asked to sit back and relax. Sai never lets them invest in any business for it might incur a loss.

Is Saibaba being partial to his devotees?

I have done this analysis with my own life. On various occasions, Sai has hinted me that I must be content with what I have in my life.

During his lifetime, Sai treated Shama and Mahalsapathi similarly. Shama used to directly show his anger on Sai that Sai enjoys keeping him poor. he he..Even when Shama blames like this, Sai simply laughs at him and ask him

“Is there any wants in your house? Don’t you have enough to lead your life?”

Once a rich devotee saw Shama in Dwarakamai and requested him to accept large sum of money. Baba never gave permission to accept money.

I always wonder how people desire for others wealth or property even when they are already leading a luxurious life. Probably, once they earn money in a wrong way, the habit sticks to them forever.

Contant desire for wealth and money will hinder our ability to act smartly and take the right decision. When your mind is not clear, you might end up taking a wrong decision and it eventually results in loss.

Having said that, I still can’t understand why Sai encourages few of his devotees to run a business and also blesses them with success.

So why should Sai stop few others from making the money they desire?

I can only convince myself saying “What ever we earn is based on the good deeds we have done in this birth and previous several births”

You can plan your future. You can earn working hard as long as you could live. But this greed for wealth and money alone must never creep into your mind.

Its poisonous.

Sai bless you with peace


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