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Lost my gold ring but I am thankful to Sai for blessing me with my Mom

Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

Today, I kept myself happy at work. Every week there’s a new prospect from the official website and hence I was telling someone that none recognizes my work behind it. This was for one of the old site. A website won’t rank on Google magically.

I told him, even when the new site come’s up, they will gain a lot through my work but none are going to recognize what I did. Anyway, I adjust every kind of bias because I can’t move out of Coimbatore. Not even for a day. I always fear that if I ask something,they might expect me to move else where. So I better keep calm. I am OK with this Job. When I have some work, I do. Else, I read, watch videos and laugh at their culture in my mind.

Another reason for my happiness is the rain in Coimbatore. I thought it won’t rain but surprisingly there was a super cool rain. I stayed back at office until 9. Usually, I gather 2-3 friends, select a cartoon and draw to have fun. I make sure that I rub it off before I start from office. Today, While walking down stairs, I remembered that I did not rub it off. So I told my friend that my drawing is pathetic and I don’t want anyone to see that tomorrow morning. So I asked him if I can go back and rub it off.

I showed him the drawing in my mobile. He told me,

“This is the cutest drawing you every did”.

I can’t believe him though.  It was my long time plan to show all of you the amazing Art work I do and force everyone to see it. I know its stupid but I purposely tell that none in the whole floor can draw like me. I have so much fun doing this!

I usually search for a Cartoon of an Animal to start my masterpiece. Today, it was a Rabbit.

What I desired to draw

What I actually drew

Poor Rabit! Huh?

I have also created a myth that anyone who wants a better career can get a drawing done by me along with a story of what they would have done in previous birth to work in such a place. Once the drawing is done, they will get a better job in few weeks. So when ever anyone is not happy with their job, one of my friend sends them to me to make drawing for them. This is another stuff we do to have fun.

Went to Saibaba temple to see if I can do something good

I started to Saibaba temple near office. Believe it or not, I had no intention to go to temple. I remembered that 3-4 month back, when it was raining, several devotees who come in Car were finding it difficult to park their car. So I thought it will be nice to go to temple and help people park their car, take reverse or simple make sure they don’t get stuck in mud.

I parked my Car in a small road before the temple. Even when I parked, a man near there guided me. So I thanked him and walked to temple. I thought, I have no work to do in temple today as already all cars were parked perfectly. I washed my legs and was about to go to temple. I saw a man with his green color Ford struggling to take it car out of the mud. Vow. It was like a cake for me. I immediately shouted at him asking “What happened?”

He told me, that the wheels got stuck inside the mud and the car wouldn’t come out. So I removed my shoes, walked in mud and helped him. We both carried bricks available near by and placed near wheel hoping it would help. He tried so much but the car never came out of the mud. It went deeper and deeper. My both palm was full of mud.

Finally, another devotee and a girl were very kind that they came forward to help this guy. That man seems to be a better driver. Even without bricks or any support near wheel, he managed to take the car out. The girl also pushed the car from behind. I thanked him and the girl for what they did. I washed my palm. The girl had mud all over her face but felt that Sai has blessed her for she helped someone.

Night aarti was over by this time. I worshiped Sai, went to Dwarakamai and came back to stand in the que to have prasad. When I took the plate, I noticed the Gold ring in my right palm was missing. I never bothered it. I had prasad fast.

It was a bit dark. Hence, I switched on my Mobile light and searched near the place I washed my palm. No sign of ring was there. So I walked to the place the car was stuck. It was honestly a very painful to me. Not because it was a golden ring but it was a ring my Mom gifted me and though I don’t like wearing gold, She insisted that I wear it.

After 10 minutes of search, I realized I certainly can’t get the ring. It was completely muddy along with water.

Something made me feel its OK to loose the ring because it doesn’t matter much. I walked to Dwarakamai. It was locked by this time. I sat in the steps and told Sai

“Its OK if the ring is lost but I am thankful to you for blessing me with my Mom”

I had told you people that there are few Sai’s work I can’t openly say outside because none would believe Saibaba will do such a thing. I can only say such Sai leela to a friend whom I meet face to face. If I write here, people will only comment about it. This is why I won’t be able to say how Sai saved my Mom.

Now a days, my Mom is sick and only Sai is taking care of her.

A gold ring has its worth. I am supposed to be worried about it. I hate myself for running to help some stranger take off his car from mud and loosing my ring. I never imagined this would happen. But this is just another experience for me.

There are many devotees who say this

“How can such a thing happen when Baba is with us”

Well. At times,Sai makes us go through small loss. We have to adjust it.

What can he do for my mistake?

After, most devotees left temple, I again used the light in my mobile and searched for the ring. An elderly devotee came near me and asked me what am I searching for? He was noticing me for long.

I told him, I tried to help a car stuck in the mud and lost my ring. He also joined with me to look for the ring. He told me “You tried to do something good and lost your ring. Baba will surely give it to you”

I told him “I usually come to this Saibaba temple when it rains as I like helping people park their car, take off their car from mud etc”

He turned to me with a shock and said

“I have never heard about it. I don’t know that there are people who come to temple for this reason too”

I told him “Yes. I always look for opportunities if I can help anyone”

He started getting emotional and said “Come tomorrow morning and look for it. Surely Sai will only do good to you”.

I replied “I am just concerned that my parents will worry about it as the ring was gifted by my Mom”.

He said “Don’t tell your parents today. You come and search tomorrow morning and then tell them”

I was thinking in my mind – “Sai, my ring is lost and now you are giving me idea like this?”

(I especially wanted to write this incident tonight because many people assume that I go to Saibaba temple to worship and that I am religious. Honestly, I am not. I go to temple as its a different environment. At times, luckily on the way to temple or in temple, Sai will give me an opportunity to do good to others. )

Later, I walked to my Car and did another mistake.

Even when I helped the other guy, I had a doubt that my Car also would get stuck.

So I quickly tried to push it forward with force. Nothing helped because I choose the corner which was too muddy. My car got stuck. The more I accelerated, the more the Tyre went down inside the mud. I ran the place where there was a metal sheet. I placed it under my Car Tyre and saw my palm. It was completely muddy I can’t help it. I used a towel to hold the steering and pushed it forward. Nothing helped at all.

Hearing the sound, the man who was building the new house and 5-6 guys doing construction work came out. I never asked for any help. They themselves guided me. All of us struggled so much.

I could only see the Tyre going deeper in the mud. I never complained Sai. I told him “Baba, it happens and kept trying”

I started getting doubt that If the Tyre would come out and if I will surely drive home by my car tonight. Thankfully, I called my Dad earlier while sitting near Dwarakamai and told him that I am at office and will come late. I don’t want them to think what happened to me.

The guys ran again to construction site and bought few wooden planks. They helped me so much. They kept the wooden planks under the Tyre and asked me to accelerate.We tried reversing too but nothing helped. Finally, they all decided to push the car forward while I accelerate. It was going…going…and again stuck…Finally..It came out. I would have happily gone away saying a bye or a louder thank you.

Ordinary people whom we come across just once in our life do us such a favor that we must never forget them for lifetime

I alone know that without their help, I would have never been able to move my car one inch. So I requested them to stand infront of my Car head light for a photo. One guy is missing as he only took the pic.

I gave little Saibaba photo to couple of them and drove home.

I reached home and called my Mom. My Mom slowly came to open the door. Now a days, my Mom feels dizzy if She wakes up at night. So I held her palm and walked her back to her room. I just told her that the car got stuck in the mud and I have to wash it.

She couldn’t sleep because I told this to her. I don’t know why they treat me as a kid even now.

I pleaded her to sleep but she was standing in varanda and looking at how I wash. She kept asking me to have dinner or eat something.

Finally, I completed washing the car after more than an hour. I had dinner sitting near my Mom’s bed. I was speaking to her for 20 minutes. I told her that the guys doing construction work and another man who’s building his house helped me a lot.

I also told her that I am simply adjusting at work as I love to be in Coimbatore. She asked me to have patience.

It’s 2 A.M when I complete writing this.

Why should I write this? Am I proud that I lost my ring. I will tell this to my parents over the weekend and they are going to scold me for my negligence. But its gone now.

After all Gold right? It’s not as precious as my Mom.

Sai saved my Mom and Sai will always bless me with my Mom and Dad.

Should there be anything more precious than my Mom?

I never show myself in StarSai. Today, I felt like showing this photo of the guys who helped me take off the car from the mud. I am in white shirt from left. All of us has mud in our palm.

Once again, No one. No one will ever understand what a Sai can do through dreams. I know what Sai did to save my Mom and I will keep it as a secret forever.

Om Sai Ram


Edit – I felt blank when I woke up this morning. I felt little bad of myself for my negligence. Further, its a lesson that I must take care of myself before I wanna do good to others. My project for India is a life long commitment. So I will prepare myself before I launch the same.

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