The friends I have through Sai Baba

Sairam friends, Its been almost 14 years since I launched StarSai. Right from the beginning of times, I used to receive mail from Sai devotees across India and abroad. Most of the mails were from girls/women and some of them from men. One of the reason I respect girls is that, all through these years, … Read more

Sai, heal my Mom

Sairam friends, I came back from Bangalore. It was a nice event and I had good time. My Mom got fever once again. Thankfully, its normal fever and nothing to worry. Just that, she her fever is high and she also has pain in her knee and her palm. I hope its not the fever … Read more

Sai bless you this Diwali…

Sairam friends, I used to write in StarSai almost everyday. Somehow, I lost that momentum these days. I have lots of work in my new company and I love doing it. This is because I got this job after a struggle. Further, In my previous company, I was never recognized. Now, that what ever I … Read more