Dwarakamai was home to someone before Saibaba lived there

Sairam friends,

Last night, I came home directly without going to Saibaba temple. Since it was auspicious full moon day, I lit many lamps and sang Shej Aarti of Saibaba. I felt happy about it. Then, I slept off hugging Saibaba’s charters and sayings book.

Saw myself in USA in a very beautiful place

I had a dream as if my parents and myself were in the U.S. We were in a theme park kind of place and see lots of water flowing with force. I am trying to photograph it with my mobile. I am happy in that place as where ever I see, it was water and green. Lots of trees, plants and flowers. The sky was blue. (Yes obviously it has to be but this is real clean sky blue). The dream ended.

Last month, My Mom was asking if I can take off for couple of month and go to U.S to stay with my sister. Katya kept calling us. I told her that we are not so well off to spend for flight ticket for me. Then, we dropped that idea.

Then, I had another dream about work.

That’s it.

Now, I shall write about one of Saibaba’s words.

Sai has once said that where I stand, ( Dwarakamai), a person named Muzafar Shah lived. It was his home. He was very rich and owned property and land extending for several miles together upto the village called Nandurki. His son lived in Nandurki.

May be this Muzafar Shah left wordly life and became a fakir. Sai continued to say that when he came to Shirdi and not allowed to stay in Kandoba temple, he decided to stay in the Masjid. For first few days, seems Saibaba cooked for Muzafar Shah. Since he was very old, Muzafar passed away in the same place where Dhuni is glowing now in Dwarakamai.

From these words, we understand, Saibaba lived in Dwarakamai by serving others even during his first few days in Shirdi. Sai has also made us understand even people who were too rich, decided to give up everything and lived in the Dwarkamai. This shows us detachment we must have with our wealth. Sai will protect our property if it was earned with hardwork. We need not worry much.

Sai blessings,


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