Shirdi Saibaba may or may not be able to get your love back

Sairam friends,

“Get your love back” is a Multimillion dollar industry. I call myself little servant of Shirdi Saibaba but this servant has gone beyond cleaning Saibaba’s holy dhuni to Spreading the value of lighting lamps to creating pooja for the fast world. Today, I can call myself “Get your love back” industry analyst….he he….

I have seen how this industry has grown from its humble beginnings in early 2000 to the days of forums, social media and today videos on Youtube and Apps. There are exclusive websites dedicated to help you get your love back. There’s a huge list of consultants working hard to loot your money to help you get your love back. If you have not yet spent your money on them, please do it. Because though getting your love back is not assured, your focus will be on making more money. You will work hard, focus on your studies or career. This is the only way to come out of your pains. To divert your mind rather than worrying about past.

One of the issues I have addressed a lot in StarSai is problems due to relationship. There are people who ask me if there’s any pooja to have a child. I have replied so many such mails and after a stage, I just tell them, have patience and keep doing naam smaran SAI SAI SAI in mind. Then, there are people who say that they/someone dear to them are going through health issues. I only have the same request. Remember Sai. Sai will do good.

But when it comes to relationship issues, I am annoyed when people tell me, they can’t live without him/her etc. They go through immense pain and ruin their life.

There are girls who have done the following to get their love back.

1. They travel to Shirdi and pray Saibaba. ( Honestly, its not necessary as Sai lives in you.You can go Shirdi when you are comfortable)

2. They visit local Shirdi Saibaba temple and pray saibaba to bless them to unite with their love.

3. They do pooja

4. Some girls tell me that they did Sai Vrat Pooja and on the 9th week the guy came back. ( After 3-4 weeks, he will also go back. What Sai can do if he doesn’t understand you or respect you?)

5. They also do Sai Satcharitra parayan.

I know this girl who did parayan of Sai Satcharitra, Guru Charitra. Both few times. She waited. Waited. Did lots of stuff and finally, she stopped worshiping Sai. We must not go to Sai just to fulfill our desire. We must surrender ourself to Saibaba thinking what ever he does is good for us. Now. Offer your relationship in the holy feet of Sai and tell him to do what he thinks is good for your future. Accept what ever happens. May be, you have a better life.

Now lets see this way.

Why on Earth you wanted to get back someone who doesn’t care for you?

If a girl/Guy wanted to please their parents and has so many other reasons to leave you, its good to let them go. Why should you force them to live with you?

The reason I say Shirdi Saibaba may or may not be able to get your love back is that Sai always can work with good souls. If someone is good and if their family is good. Sai can do his wonders.

If someone is selfish ( You never know), then Sai cannot work on their mind. Even if this person comes back, they will only give you pain for lifetime.

So better be clear.

The pain you are going through is not the pain like a patient who just heared that he/she is going through an incurable disease. Think about their feelings? Are you going through such problems. Its just your mind set. Diver your mind. See life ahead and be strong internally.Yes. It is really difficult to eat and sleep peacefully. I know as I have gone through it and today, I just feel happy for all those experiences because I may not be able to guide millions of Sai children, If I don’t know what it is like.

I was planning to make a simple micro site called – Peaceful Relationships. I din’t had money. So used my Mom’s debit card which din’t work too. So I dropped the idea. So I decided to write an article which might help devotees who are going through such a phase in their life.

Saibaba is actually mistaken as  a “Miracle worker”. Sai goes beyond miracle. Sai loves you. Sometimes, Your parents scold you and doesn’t get you what y0u want. But they love you. This is how Saints like Sai works. They may not be in a situation to get you want you want but they love you and their love is unconditional. They will make sure you get eternal happiness.

In Sai Satcharitra when a devotee asks “Does miracles happen here, Kaka replies, the earnest desires of devotees are fulfilled here.”

Sai does try to fulfill your desire but what if Sai knows your desire will only fetch you problems in the long run. Its better for Saibaba to remain silent and that’s why you feel Sai doesn’t help you. Actually. Sai is helping you by not fulfilling your desire.

Yes. Sai does miracles but that’s not why he incarnated. Sai’s mission is to do good to us even if temporarily it seems like a severe pain. Eventually, You will realize that Sai baba has only done good to you.  Some cases are exceptional. They suffer all their life and say Baba never helped them. Listen. Some people are supposed to face sufferings due to karmic bond and they can only think Baba is with them.

If nothing happens in life, believe that Saibaba himself is happiness.

Do not expect any thing from life. This is something I have learned after so many years.

Just let go of it and believe Sai is with you.

When the whole world is against you, remember. Saibaba is with you.

Live strong and do not waste your time and life for people who doesn’t understand you.

Live truly, madly in love with Sai.


Little Servant of Shirdi Saibaba

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5 thoughts on “Shirdi Saibaba may or may not be able to get your love back”

  1. Jai Sai Ram,
    What you say is 100% true, anyone can experience why is Baba known for miracle only if one surrenders to him fully, Surrendering to Sai Baba is not a easy task and at the same time it is the easiest of anything to do.
    Jai Sai Ram

  2. Beautifully written True fact, although it is very difficult to accept.
    Even after so many knock downs am still not able to accept the way life is. I am trying my best to leave everything in the hands of God.
    But I have learnt certain things in my spiritual journey…..God never lets you down, each and every pray you utter to him is received by him although you may not get the answers or desires fulfilled immediately, if your desire is not fulfilled he gives you much better thing and you will realize the same in due course but yes it needs lot of patience and firm faith.
    We may fight cry with God as he is our Supreme parent but never leave him. If we stick to him as a bolster as Baba said we are sure to experience his power one day.

  3. Really true words and if we follow this surely we will be happy one day. Faith on sai should never be lost and we should respect life in all situation believing what sai did is good for us. God always love us like a mother. Sai cares for us and if we are not getting something we should not become crazy. Only be calm and patient and love sai always.

  4. Very happy about the happenings around me after i became a devotee of saibaba in less than a year.. Got admitted to a good coll .. Scored high rank..very happy and contented

  5. Thanks a lott venkat, really appreciable though difficult to accept. May sai help me in the best possible way.

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