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A Daughter lost her passport minutes before flight and Saibaba miraculously got it back

Shirdi Saibaba Experiences
Written by venkatraman

Sairam friends,

How many of you have been hooked to Saibaba’s kingdom by strange experiences that Sai alone could give us?

How many of you remember how you became a Sai devotee and the first time you experienced Saibaba in your life?

Here is a devotees experience shared by Hilla from Canada.

I am a Sai Devotee from Toronto – who wishes to remain anonymous while sharing my experiences whicH are long overdue.

I and my daughter some years ago visited Mumbai. During my stay, I was told by my meditation teacher in Toronto to visit a certain prayer group in Mumbai. She said it was near the Strand cinema area in Colaba but could not give me the exact address.

I went to different parts of that area and made enquires about the prayer place but each time, I was directed to a place where there was a picture or idol of Sai Baba. I was familiar with his image as I also saw it in many taxis and other places but didn’t know who he was.

On the day before we were to return back, my host was dropping us to a friends place and on the way there, he said today is Thursday so if you don’t mind, I will stop for few minutes to take darshan of Sai Baba – why don’t you also come and take his blessing.

Shirdi Saibaba, Mumbai

We stopped at the Forjett street Sai Baba Shrine, went in, took darshan and placed our head on Baba’s feet.

There was a man there who approached us and my host told him we were visiting from Canada – So he gave us Prasad a copy of the Sai Satcharita and a shawl and told us henceforth whenever we are in need we should turn to Sai Baba.

We thanked him and left.

That night, we were at the airport for departure and while checking in, we were sent back and forth from counter to baggage screening etc and during the process my daughters passport was misplaced.

We searched everywhere with no luck. We started panicking.

Then, the Airline staff told us she will ask authorities to make an announcement about the missing passport. So we just went and sat down near the counter waiting for announcement.

Then, my daughter said “Mom, remember what that man said to us – let’s ask Sai Baba to return my passport.” We both smiled and said Baba please return the passport.

Within seconds before the announcement could be made, an elderly gentleman walked up to my Daughter, smiled at her and handed her the passport. She took it and both of us stared at each other in shock amazement.

The Airport was crowded and when we looked up again the old man was no where to be found. That was my beautiful introduction to the sweet saint of Shirdi and his miraculous and exceptional blessings.

On the journey back to Canada, I took out the Sai Satcharita which was in my handbag and read it from cover to cover.

Trip to Shirdi!

Sai has been a part of my daily life ever since and the longing to visit him in Shirdi grew fiercely. The trip to Shirdi happened 2 years later. I took a nice box of pedhas – to have blessed and distributed. My friend arranged overnight stay and evening Aarti – VIP darshan. I was very excited.

The temple complex was as usual crowded and I was overcome with emotion that I was in complete daze during the few moments of darshan and it happened so quickly and we were pushed in and pushed out in literally seconds. I came out and distributed the sweets.

Then collected my thoughts and said “ Baba I was wanting this for 2 years and waited so long and you brought me all the way here and did not even give me chance to get a proper darshan or pray in your presence”.

Just then, we were walking to Dwarkamai and after evening Aarti the Pandits were just taking the Aarti to the Dhuni and passed right before me so I could take worship of holy fire – This pleased me immensely. Next morning, I planned to go for regular morning Aarti but woke up late and thought I will go to Dwarkamai and take Babas darshan from outside Samadhi Mandir as taxi was leaving at 1:00 pm.

When I got into the scooter taxi. The driver said

“You are very lucky today, I have just returned from Mandir after Aarti and there is no rush at all which is very very rare.”

To my surprise, when I went through general public entrance to Samadhi Mandir, there were just 6 people ahead of me. So I went up and peacefully took darshan and remained there peacefully, praying without disturbance for 10 minutes.

Then, We visited Gurusthan, Chavadi with no rush and spent rest of the morning peacefully in Dwarkamai before taking leave and returning to hotel for lunch before leaving.

My heart was overflowing with love and gratitude to my Sai for this wonderful experience.

I am longing for my next visit after this pandemic is over. So I can once again visit Shirdi and thank Sainath for the many blessings me and my family have receive.

Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai


Hope you like this devotees experiences friends. Feel free to write to me whenever you find time.

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