Cardamom Garland pooja for Shirdi Sai Baba

Sairam friends,

Saint Shirdi Sai Baba inspired me to create Cardamom Garland Pooja and make it popular among Sai devotees because of the following benefits.

Benefits of Cardamom Garland Pooja for Sai Baba

1.You will get rid of ignorance in life.
Most of the problems in life is because of our ignorance. We don’t know what we do is right or not.

Lets say, you choose a course, or a job or in relationship with someone. Do you know the truth behind our decision? Do you know if it really benefits us?

You will realize the truth in every issue and act practically when you curiously remember Sai by doing chanting – Om Sai Ram in mind or any or chanting you like.

Rituals like these will ensure you do it as a practice. So when you practice such pooja, you will get chance to remember God or Sai on a specific time of the day. This helps in gaining real knowledge of life.

Which means you won’t be influenced by Maya of greed, lust, anger and any kind of impurity. So your ability to realize what’s right and what you should do will increase. Basically, it helps you follow good path and ignore bad tendencies and habits.

2.Sai blessings for good Education

It’s good for your education and also your children’s education. I always feel blissful whenever I offer Cardamom garland to Saibaba statue in our house.

A very good example is this. I am supposed to learn a tool and enhance my skill which I was not focusing on for many years.The very next day after first offering Cardamom garland, I started learning the new tool.

So basically, it gives you the environment, opportunity, financial ability and sincere interest to learn and enhance your skills and knowledge.

3.Shirdi Sai Baba blessings for Career Growth

I don’t know about your perception of Career Growth but I will tell you a truth about Saibaba. He has always taught me one will be rewarded based on his/her past good karma. So I can’t expect to earn really big when my Karma is to earn less. But Sai Baba being my Guru, who else should take care of me other than him. So I surrender to him and ask him to bless me with Career Growth. At the same time, Saibaba has also asked me to be content with what he gives.

In 2010, Sai blessed me with a dream in which he said, if you have enough money to have food, be happy with it. Well, we all have more needs and desires than the food but during some stages in life, we should learn to be content with what we have – Read more on this dream in this blog – In my Family, Having lunch is success.

Why I had to write all this instead of just saying Cardamom garland pooja will bless you with good career growth and profits in business you do? Well, that’s because I don’t know your situation personally.

Everyone’s karma, their current situation in life and their devotion on Sai differs. So based on your karma, hard work and other positive aspects, you will certainly be blessed with good Career growth when you go Cardamom garland pooja.

4. Sai’s grace in health issues

My Amma was facing health issues for years. Basically, many women write to me asking if Baba told me something regarding them as a message. This is a strange question because Saibaba never speaks to me nor does he speaks to anyone. Just that, Sai inspires me through few dreams and I innocently interpret it.

So basically, accept the health issues because of old age. At the same time, Sai will ensure you will be protected and healed based on your karma. Some people has severe pain and major diseases. Some have basic heal issues like pain in body, headache etc.

Having said that, I firmly believe our devotion on Sai and any good Goddess we love will heal us.

My Amma is suffering from pain due to spondylitis for years. She takes tablets rarely but regularly uses Ayurvedic oil like Dhanvanthram thailam for external application. The week after we first did Cardamom garland pooja, I had to take my Amma to Doctor as she had severe pain.

The Doctor gave us a medicine which eventually had very bad side effects on the early hours of next day. We literally struggled to bring back my Mom to life.

My Father gave her lemon juice, I gave her Udi with Water and also asked her to have one Cardamom from the garland we offered to say couple of days previously.

Thankfully, Sai saved my Amma.

I should mention that I read few Chapters from Sai Satcharita and also Guru Charita sitting near my Amma.

So, its the whole process of helping my Amma with home remedies and also asking her to have Udi water, One Cardamom from the garland and reading Sai Satcharita which healed my Amma.

What I mean here is, devotion has the power to heal our dear ones and rescue them from the jaws of death.

I know how my Mom suffered and hence I know how Sai helped my Mom during that day.

So I certainly believe offering Cardamom garland heals one’s health also and blesses them with good health.

5. Blessings for harmony in family and good relationship

When my Amma first offered Cardamom garland to Sai, she told Baba that I should be blessed with a good wife. I did not expect that my Mom will utter these words. So I felt Sai will bless one with good life and also harmony in the family.

Why should you do Cardamom Garland pooja for 8 Fridays?

I created this pooja especially for Sai devotees to be blessed with good education and career. Friday is auspicious for Goddess. These days, I am regularly reciting or learning the meaning of Lalitha Sahasranamam. I also visit the near by Bhadrakali temple in Coimbatore with my Father.

Sai’s heart melts for his devotees when they go through any sufferings. This nature of Sai matches with nature of other Goddess like Parvathi, Mahalakshmi, Durga and Lalithambigai. So to bring out the feminine aspect of Sai, I decided to do this pooja on Fridays.

Try to do this pooja whenever you find time. It’s not necessary that you should offer only on a Friday. Just to bring it to practice on a specific day, you could try doing the Sai pooja on Friday.

Many devotees ask me what to do with the Cardamom’s after the pooja is done?

Wait for a day, take the Cardamom garland from Sai Statue or photograph and have one cardamom per day as prasad. I am sure you can finish this garland of 21 Cardamom in a family of 3 or 4.

You can have it as prasad or you can also drop few Cardamom’s under a plant or a tree after a day. Do whatever suits you and convenient for you.

Edited: To be honest, even in our home, the Cardamom’s doesn’t get over as not all remember to have one Cardamom per day as prasad for a week.

So here’s what I suggest:

You could take the Garland from Sai statue or photo the next day, untie the thread, and have few as prasad for the next 3-4 days among family members and close friends who believe in Sai.

Having one Cardamom per day is fine but some might not like the taste. So see if there’s a way of using it in cooking. If that’s also not possible, keep it for birds.

We gave lots of Cardamoms to our maid who might use it in her cooking. The last option is to drop it in the garden near plants!

Use Cardamom in Tea if you like the taste

A Sai devotee suggested that we could also use 1 or 2 Cardamom’s while making Tea. So please consider this too if you like the taste!

Note that we should not drop in dustbin or sink. It could be dropped near plants or trees when you can’t consume all the cardamoms as prasad or use in cooking.

You are most welcome to write to me to clarify any doubts you have regarding Cardamom garland pooja for Shirdi Saibaba.

Please watch the below Cardamom Garland pooja video in English

Cardamom galrand pooja video in Tamil

Hope you like this pooja friends.

Write to me about your experiences with Shirdi Sai Baba

Om Sai Ram


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