Sai baba knows your need for Money and blesses you with wealth

Sairam friends,

I am doing work from home now and which is the reason I am able to spare few minutes in the evening for making videos about Sai Devotees experiences. Last night, my Sister called us and said that they are going to open Schools in the U.S in the next 2 weeks. I wish to Tweet to the Governor of South Dakota asking if its really safe to open Schools when there’s no vaccine for Covid-19 yet.

Let’s pray for all the School Children in the U.S and any country where Schools are planning to re-open.

Saibaba devotee’s experience video

Hi Sai Ram Venkat,

How are you and your parents. I know that your mother is not well
nowadays. I pray for her. She will be cured. Well, I wish to share
with you what I have. Because you will be happy that how sai works
for their children.

Three years back I was an empty hand but now I have handful of fruits given by Sai and All deities. Yes he has regularly watched me and fulfilled my needs. My brother has got VRS and gave some amount from settlement. I couldn’t refuse which God blessed.

Can I show a picture?

Sai Baba gave this Money!

I know that “Money is not a matter” and its not only giving happiness in life. But many people decide to give respect to someone based on the wealth they possess. It will happen till end of the world.

Now I have no idea to make productive with little amount. Hope Sai
will do. That’s it.

Thanks & regards

Hope you like this Sai leela friends. Well, its just a matter of good heart Geetha’s brother has to share the wealth he earned with his Sister. But who actually worked in-between these Siblings is our Sai. She has got an amazing Brother with beautiful heart and I wish everyone has such a Brother and Sister.

Work Hard.

Learn to earn money with your knowledge and enhance your skills.

Be humble.

Surely Saibaba will fulfill your need for money.

This poor fakir of Shirdi is indeed a Kalpavriksha. The wish-fulfilling Tree of Kaliyug.

Om Sai Ram


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