If you get work from someone, Pay them what they deserve – Sai dream about Wages

Sairam friends,

Yesterday I went to Shirdi Sai Baba temple at night and did some work for Sai. I was looking at the portrait of Saibaba in Dwarakamai and somehow my heart remembered daughter of someone who works at my office. They said the child went through a surgery and I prayed Saibaba to heal the child and bless every one.

The boy who is doing dhuni seva now a days requested me to get into the Dhuni tank and wipe hot ashes. I got in and wiped the ashes shouting “Datta, Nagasai, Saibaba” as it was too hot. I love doing this. The boy wanted to drink water. So i digged Dhuni sometime and had a good feeling.

I reached home and Amma said she had been to Doctor. I usually search for medicines names online, see side effects and tell her which tablets not to have and which one to have. We can’t be right always but we must know about the medicines we have.

I wanted to tell you something surprising. You know yesterday, I got dream about Brahmapureeswarar – It was as if I am showing a Brochure in the temple. So I searched for “Brahmapureeswarar brochure” and surprisingly, It took me to the below Brahmapureeswarar Temple near Kumbakonam, Tamilnadu.

The one where I went during pilgrimage is near Trichy and this temple seems to be too ancient and also requires renovation. The article requests devotees to contribute money for renovation.

Sri Brahmapureeswarar Temple Kumbakonam

May be Sai wanted me to sent some money there. Hope I could do it by Sai Grace.You see, This is the reason, I believe in Sai dreams. Every single word and vision I have in dream has a true meaning but at times we are not able to understand what Sai wants to tell us. We can’t spend too much time trying to understand dreams also.

If you get work from someone, Pay them what they deserve – Sai dream about Wages

One of the biggest sins of all is to get work from someone and paying them very less. Too less to the extent that they can’t even run their livelihood. For every small favor or work anyone does for us, we must do something to reward them back. We get small work or favors from many people in our day to day life.

Sometimes, even if some stranger brings you something or does a very small favor for your, please thank them wholeheartedly and also try if you can reward them if not the same moment, any time in your life.

Yesterday, I was reading about hundreds of people who work in McDonald’s in U.S are going on strike to double their wages as they are paid too less according to them.  Some people felt the demand is too high and they must find a better job and improve themselves for  a better career.

I wish to quote a small example courtesy of inthesetimes.com

“Now for Apple. Like Wal-Mart  and McDonald’s, the company pays extraordinarily low wages to its store workers, an average of about $12 per hour, or $24,000 per year for a full-time employee. In-store salespeople make up about half of the total workforce.

With 80,000 worldwide employees (50,000 in the U.S.) and a 2012 profit of $55 billion ($19 billion declared in the U.S.), Apple made an astonishing $697,000 per employee in 2012 (almost $400,000 in the U.S.).”

Where Are Workers Most Underpaid: Apple, Wal-Mart or McDonald’s?

I slept last night very depressed thinking Why Sai is not able to help me and told Baba to show me a way. I hugged the little Photo of Brahmapureeswar and slept along with Sai Satcharitra near me.  I was blessed with a single word in dream early morning.

it was “Wages.com”

I wondered what Sai means by this as its simply a parked domain.

Then I thought May be Saibaba wants me to write about Wages, Paying a Employee what he deserves and also people must realize, they must reward anyone who does even a small favor to them. Who ever reads this must not worry that their salary is less as that’s common in many organizations around the world. What you can learn is to reward anyone who does a small favor for you and never take any work for free.

For Example:

There was a boy who was helping me do Pooja like carrying the lamps plate and bringing the garland which I bought for Goddess while I was in temple during pilgrimage. He said that the boy lives in same village and studying 9th grade. He comes to temple during Sundays to do such work for the priests. They named him “Idea”. Seems he gives ideas at times…he he..I know this because when I said the priest, I myself will carry the Saree which I bought for Goddess which I kept in Shiva’s sannidhi, the priest said, Its OK and called him “De Idea, Sareeya marandhu vachuta… eduthutu vaa”.

When I gave dakshina to priest, I also gave 50 Rs to Idea and asked him to study well. He smiled and walked with me until the entrance of temple.

Now listen to the story from Sai Satcharitra

Remuneration for Labour

One day at noon, Baba came near Radha-Krishna-Mai’s house and said – “Bring Me a ladder.” Some men brought it and set it against a house as directed by Baba. He climbed up on the roof of Vaman Gondkar’s house, passed the roof of Radha-Krishna-Mai’s house and then got down from the other corner. What object Baba had, none could know. Radha-Krishna-Mai was, at that time, shivering with Malaria.

It may be to drive off that fever, that He may have gone there. Immediately after getting down, Baba paid Rupees two to the persons who brought the ladder. Somebody asked Baba, why he paid so much for this.

He replied that nobody should take the labour of others, in vain. The worker should be paid, his dues promptly and liberally.

Did you like this Leela friends?

Its so beautiful and these houses where Sai Baba used to beg alms everyday and the house where Saibaba walked over were there even before few years. I think now all has changed as shopping centers and Lodges in Shirdi. The Sai Leela alone will live for ever. We must always see if we rewarded people who did any little favor for us.

Also don’t do it mechanically as in tit for tat. When the right time comes to help someone who favored you, you can do little you can for them.

Baba, Please heal Amma and cure her stomach pain. Sometimes she’s fine but again she has unbearable pain. She has always done good deeds baba. Please heal Amma by your leela.

Am too late now




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