How Saibaba blesses millions with good Career and choose few like Das Ganu to serve him

Sairam friends,

I have already wrote Story of Das Ganu Maharaj in StarSai. Somehow, I felt like writing again today because he’s one of my biggest inspiration in Sai Seva. Sai’s path is Karma Yoga – “Path of work”.

We must keep doing some work that serves ourself, our family and the society as whole. Sai never asks anyone to leave their job and serve them. Sai wants us to be responsible and use our free time to serve him. But sometimes, There are incidents in Sai’s life where Sai clearly tells someone, let go of your job and serve me.

I will never agree if anyone tells me that they wanted to serve Sai leaving their responsibilities and I myself won’t do it. I might keep trying to grow ahead in life but deep inside my heart, I know my life will be meaningful if I hold on to my responsibility to work for Sai.

Thousand years from now, people will have more desires, more needs and more problems. I wish to do something behind that will heal these people and help them lead a better life.

Sai blesses everyone with a good job/business/career and very few he chooses to let go of it and simply serve him. I have experienced this in past and I know Sai has done this for my own welfare.

How Ganesh Dattatray Sahastrabuddhe became Das Ganu Maharaj? – A ordinary man turned saint.


His original name was Ganesh Dattatray Sahastrabuddhe. He was born in 1867 and since he had long ears his Grandfather named him Ganesh.

You know when Das Ganu first met Saibaba, Sai told him ” Quit your job” . Das Ganu was in Police department and very ambitious to become an officer but Sai has other plans for him. Ganu told baba “Baba, I shall quit my job once I get a higher post”. Baba, simply said “You will not understand what I say untill you face consequences of being in service”.

Every single time, Das Ganu faced a problem in his department, he worshiped Saibaba and sai came to his rescue. At last, once a very interesting incident happened.

Das Ganu was ardent devotee of Vittal of Pandharpur and he used to travel all over India to temples taking leave from work. Once it so happened that when he was in leave, some theives has stolen the valuable gold/diamond neclace of the inspector in the area he serves. When Ganu returned to work, the officer warned him saying “You must take responsibility and catch these thieves”.

Ganu was going somewhere officially and suddenly he spotted some thieves in the other side of the river. He decided to cross the river and catch hold of these thieves but the thieves noticed him crossing the river and tried to escape. Mean while, Ganu took water in his palm and prayed Saibaba

“Baba, please bless me to catch these thieves. I promise to leave my job once I complete this task and get good name from my officer”.

As if Sai blessed him, Ganu got energy to cross the river quickly and also caught the culprits. He also was appreciated by his officer.

Later Das Ganu got promotion and his place of work was trasferred to a town near Manmad. He had to cross Shirdi village to join for work. Ganu thought in his mind “If we meet Baba on the way, he will ask us to quit the job as he always used to. So lets avoid meeting him this time and decided to cross the village and go ahead in Tonga”.

Who can escape from the saint who rules the threee worlds.

Even before 100 years, few meters from Dwarakamai was a highway. Sai was casually standing in corner of the Lendi garden. The horse cart in which Ganu was going was speeding but when it crossed Shirdi, Ganu found that Saibaba spotted him. he he…
So he asked the Tonga wala to stop and got down.

Baba put his hand in shoulders of Das Ganu and took him to Dwarakamai.

Once they reached there, Sai sat in the corner and Das Ganu bowed to him. Baba casually asked

“Ganu. Did I ask you to promise that you will quit the job standing in the middle of river?”

Ganu immediately understood what Sai meant.

We all do this to Saibaba. When our time is bad or we need Sai’s immediate help we are ready to accept and do anything

“Baba. I will quit my bad habits, this…that..etc” and once our problem is solved, we never bother to keep our words.

Ganu told Baba “Its my lifetime ambition to become an Hawaldar in Police department. I got promotion by your grace. So once I complete this assignment, I shall leave the Job”.

Baba replied him “You won’t know that I ask you to quit for your own welfare and let him go”.

Once again, Ganu faced a problem in his work.

Finally, Ganu realized Sai has actually asked him not persue his career as it doesn’t suit him. He decided to spread the greatness of Sai by doing bhajans. Sai blessed him to stay in Nanded.( A tip – Sai never allowed everyone serving him to be in Shirdi. He preferred to keep few at a distance). A wealthy person gave Danu some land to cultivate. Sai took care of his needs and Ganu simply served God and the greatest Saint of all time – Sainath.

Ganu travelled to hundreds of towns and villages across Maharastra to spread Sai’s glory. People from Mumbai came to know about Sai by Das Ganu’s beautiful oration of various saints life, the way he plays Ramayan and also his expression of Sai leela.

The below photo of Das Ganu shows us how sai transformed him and he himself had huge followers in his later years.

das ganu maharaj

Das Ganu later became a saint himself and was called Das Ganu Maharaj. While singing kirtan he never dressed up like other kirtankars. Sai asked him to be simple.

Das Ganu is one of my biggest inspiration in serving Saibaba.

When ever I face some issues at work, I used to think if Sai has some other plan for me. May be or may be not but I prepare myself for everything. Over the years, I have learnt to understand Sai and his ways. My goal is to build a beautiful, sacred place for Sai and in between what ever I do is just temporary.

Devotees Experience:

How Saibaba blesses millions with good Career

Anyway, The Sai who asked Ganu to quit job forever is the one who’s blessing millions of Sai devotees with a good career.
One of my Sai friend wanted to share her experience in StarSai ..I never use the word “Miracle” when ever Sai does something good in life. Its because Sai devotees are attracted to the word Miracle and expect it often. Anyway, Sai’s blessings at times has a miracle associated with it and only those who have experienced it will realize his greatness.

Please read on her mail….

This is a promise i made to baba that i will share my experience in a social forum if he blesses me with what i had wished for.Like he says that the wishes of his loved ones will be fulfilled if they trusted him completely,so was mine. Sorry baba to post this bit late.

Miracle 1:

I finished my engineering in 2010 and wished to get into a good reputed IT company.I gave interviews to many many companies but dint get through.Most of my friends got placed but i dint.During that time,my neighbor told me about shirdi sai baba and his miracles and how she believes him completely.

She told me to pray to baba and surrender completely in his feet and tell him to help you in getting a job.I did the same and prayed to him everyday.One of my other friend told me to apply for a company but i told him that i had already appeared for an interview and got rejected and they wont allow me to attend as we need to wait for another 6 months to apply.He told me to give a try.So,i again applied for the same company and in a week i got a mail telling me to attend the first round.I was completely shocked as i dint have a percent belief that they will call me.

It was on 20th Nov 2010(Saturday) i went to attend my aptitude exam.The venue of the exam was new and had to travel quite long.All the way in the bus i was praying to baba and telling him “see baba,my father accompanies me to each and every company along with me whenever i give exam.I am not making him happy at all.i pity for him.please let this be the last time i give an exam and get through this time” we got down in the stop and we dint know where that particular school was.So we asked an auto man and he told to take a straight road ahead of us and turn left.

We followed the instruction and kept walking but we were not able to find.then we asked a lady who was selling flowers.she said “go straight and that school is near a sai baba temple” I was so much happy when i heard the words since i have never been to a sai baba temple before.We came near the temple and there i could see sai baba sitting magnificently and smiling i had tears in my eyes when i saw him.i offered my prayers and went to the venue of the exam hall.

I was mentally relaxed.The invigilator gave the papers and wen i saw the paper i thought”this time also gone.i am not going to get through” after finishing my exam i came out with a heavy heart and told my father that I   had written it ok,the results will be out today evening around 6. lets see what happens.So we were way back and followed the crowd which was going to the bus stop.we dint go in the way which we had come my surprise the bus stop was just 5 mins from the venue of examination hall.we could have gone by that way.only then i realized it was all baba’s leelas and he wanted me to see him and then go to the exam.

I was so happy and returned back home.

Around 10 pm i had an intuition to check my mail if i had cleared or not.till then i thought of not checking because i dint perform well.Once i opened i saw a mail telling “congratulations you have cleared the first round and please come to the organisation and attend the technical round”.I was shocked to see that mail because this was the first time i had been asked to attend the next level of any exam and my parents were very happy.

I was scared since i am not so good technically and again asked baba to help me.Next day i went to that interview and a person of 30-35 years interviewed me.Trust me he dint ask even one question technically.I passed that round too and gave my HR interview.Once that was over HR told me the results will be out by Monday.

On Monday when i checked my mail,I found i had cleared my interview and the date of joining was on 25-Nov-2010 which was a Thursday.I got placed in my dream company.It was all because of shirdi sai baba and no one else.I thanked him so much and also my friend who told me about sai baba. Her name is Kavitha and she is now blessed with a beautiful princess by baba’s grace.

Miracle 2:

Once my training was over in the company all of us got our deployment letters except 5 of us which included me.For 4 months i dint get a project and finally got one in a place that i want.I prayed to baba everyday to please deploy me in that particular location as all other location of that company are far away from my residence.Luckily i got a project there but that project had to be moved to Coimbatore and they asked me also to join them.I said i cant and they informed this to my higher officials.My higher officials were so strict and they ordered me to go.

I told them my dad had just gone through his heart operation and i have to be with him to take car(baba saved my dad too.we did angioplasty and doctor’s confirmed that there is no blockage its just the blood which had thickened.this was also baba’s blessings)The HR told me to take 3 days time and try to get a project.If i don’t get i ll have to move with that team to Coimbatore.

I prayed to baba again telling me to save me from this big hurdle.My friend’s mom also prayed for me.By baba’s grace i got a project in Chennai itself and that too in the location which i had wished for.The team recruited me because there was a lady who went on her maternity leave and i had to replace her.Once i went to the bay and they gave me a seat do you know who was already in that place it was none other that our sai baba.

The lady was also a ardent sai devotee and she had left behind a beautiful sai baba statue in her place.I had goose bumps when i saw him and had tears in my eyes.

Its been 3 years since and baba had helped me in many many crucial times of my life.

I am writing this on 24-Jul-2014 Thursday and today i am again blessed with a promotion and my salary has increased because of baba.The 3 years project is over and now waiting for my next project.I am waiting for a miracle again and experience sai baba’s bliss.I will surely share my experience again once i am blessed.

To everyone,trust completely in sai and he will take care of can experience him talking to you and walking side by side with you whenever u need him.he survives with our love and pour your love on him for your wishes to be granted.Lets all be blessed.

Shri Sachidhanandha sathguru sainath maharaj ki jai!!!

Sai baba please stay with me always and take care of me.I trust you completely.

Om Sairam


For devotees who are looking for good career and reading this, do not think when Sai blesses millions, why not me. Every one of these millions would have crosses the difficult time like yours. Hold on, Keep improving your skills and be confident. You will be blessed too.

Hope you liked the Story of Das Ganu Maharaj and how he started serving Saibaba and spread his glory friends. I also liked how Sai deepu told her story of getting her dream Job. Many Sai devotees used to write me to pray for good career. I may not reply but my prayers are always with you. I just wish you keep learning. Keep doing something useful and keep trying. Someday, Sai will bless you with a good career.

Sai blessings


Little Servant of Shirdi Saibaba

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    EVEN ONE among them. waiting when my sai baba will show me the way.
    all the works which iam starting its getting hold in half and more so much responsblities, i have to do job,
    because of my son’s education……., present job is also by baba grace i have got. the office people are very good but the k is so less, finding difficult to lead a life, house rent, education, medical expenditure…….miscellneoues sai baba only has to help me, sure he will do for me.
    yes, it is good experience. even me too have blessed in all way through out my life. but i don’t know how to share.
    still baba has to permit. I wish even i get a good job in good MNC COMPANY FOR MY SON’ S SAKE….

  • Dear Sai Devotee Kalpana…
    Very soon Sai will bless you with the kind of job you are looking for. Have Shradha Saburi.
    …Jai Sai Ram…

  • We think, we decide and we convince ourselves about things to make our lives better. But we sometimes forget that there are many players in the field, each equally important to Baba.

    So, Baba has to make sure all his children get right opportunities at right times in their lives. It is only us whose anxiety makes us nervous and sad. If we understand that Baba has already planned something very good for us we will be content!

  • With Sai devotion we learn to do our karmas unbiased.Baba’s Blessings.Shri Sainathayanamaha.

  • am a final year student waiting to get placed in a reputed organization. Baba is my only hope !

  • baba, bless my family. be wth us. help me to unite and live with my family and daughter. get me good job.

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