Do not always think about relationship and getting married

Sairam friends,

This morning I woke up at 5.30 A.M as my Father had given for holy bath and pooja of Sri Hanuman in our Colony Siddhi Vinayaka temple. I was feeling so tired and slept again. I woke up and went to temple. Sri Hanuman was so graceful and beautiful. I love his mouth and kept telling my parents, “See how looks. Hanuman is beautiful”.

My Father makes garland for all the Gods and Goddess in the temple regularly. He has mastered this expertise in the following…

1. Plucking flowers from the plant we kept in front of our house few years back that has now grown taller than me. Hundreds of beautiful little white flowers grow everyday on it. Its like a magic. My Parents pluck most of these flowers and my Father makes garland for the Gods and Goddess he loves. The next day, 100 of flowers grow again. Its it not a magic? Sometimes, we are too much focused in our life that we forget to admire the beauty of nature. Trust me….

“Every drop of water you pour to a plant in this birth adds to your good karma.

Every flower that blossoms early in the morning, is a gratitude the Mother of Nature offers to you and this beautiful world.”

2.  After plucking flowers, my Father keeps it in the refrigerator in a cover. At times, our house maid makes the garland all through the afternoon. In the evenings, my Father, while watching TV, takes the thread, needle and starts to work on the garland. As I return from office or Saibaba temple, I can always see him busy making a garland to be offered next day in the temple.

Anyway, Now the theme of today’s article.

Its this.

I get so many mails mostly and only from devotees who are into some kind of relationship problem. Some of these are honestly young girls in their early 20’s and I wonder when they write “I can’t live without him”.

Excuse me. So what else you wanted to live for?

Traffic to StarSai has reduced a lot due to hosting problem which I cannot afford to fix as I find it hard spend every month. Sometimes, I myself get error and I had to refresh the page to see the site. So such mails too got reduced.

I like Men and Women to be ambitious and focus on their studies, career and their own family instead of worrying about relationship that doesn’t do any good to them.

The past whole month, My parents did not tell me anything about getting married and I am really in peace accept when relatives call up and bother. I came to a stage when I started thinking “I am 35. Have lived alone all life. If Sai wants me to marry,he will show me my girl or I am OK to live single few more years. Just that parents will worry a bit as they already have health issues.”

I am working on my new site and its occupying my time. I wanted to do something that gives more meaning to my life.

Lets plan like this…

1.What I did so far is of no use accept StarSai

2.Not all are benefited by StarSai but at least few people have changed their life by reading some articles.

3.I cannot stop with this and am supposed to do more because I want to be remembered for the good deeds I did after I die.

4. If I get married, I might have other responsibilities and may not have time to work on something else as I wish and I cannot expect the girl to support to me in doing so.

5. I have few more years and running out of time.

6. So what am I going to do? If I do not do good deeds now, then, I will never do at any point in my life.

Further, I have never done anything that Sai is proud of me for having me a servant. OK. StarSai is fine but I never went beyond that.  So I am working on my new project and honestly, its not easy. I am facing lots of struggles to start making things happen. Only Saibaba has to guide me.

Now, The very reason I wrote this article is because I do not want anyone to delay their marriage just because they are too much busy with their career. This happens in European countries and I see in some families, the same is happening in India. These girls keep looking for a guy who will live in their own city, earn as they wish their husband must earn and so many other criteria.

The other kind of youngsters are the one who are too much involved in their high flying career that they take pride in posting a photo standing in front of some odd building in U.S and Australia or some stupid photo taken in Airport. So? You will keep on traveling, having food in the best restaurants of the town and hanging out with your friends. You call it “Big Life”. Trust me, this big life is not permanent. If you are interested in getting married, do it early on when you find someone good.

So there are two different people. One who always worry about getting married and the only who never wanted to.

I saw this video of a 5 year old last week and it was so cute and funny for this child to speak how much she needs a job before getting married. He he..

She says ” I won’t get married before I have a Job and if he say that I won’t be with you, I will say “Fine…I will find someone else but I won’t marry with out getting a Job”.

I wonder where she learned this..Its truly funny and a lesson for people who worry a lot about relationship.

Click here for the Video – 5 year old needs a job before getting married – funny!


don't want to marry you
Kid saying “I don’t want to marry you until I have a Job”

The best part is, the kid says “Even if he runs to me and say I won’t do anything for you, I will say “Fine, I will find another man but I don’t want to marry you until I have a Job”

He he..

Ok friends

Too late now..


Am working on new project during week ends. So I shall post articles mostly in week days.

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3 thoughts on “Do not always think about relationship and getting married”

  1. JAI SAI RAM. Like how girls have their criteria for marriage, even boys have their criteria like, she must be very beautiful etc etc so marriages are generally getting delayed. Marriages are made only in heaven where god is written who is for whom. Things will go only that way, so we can do nothin but wait to see if god has written or no. JAI SAI RAM

  2. Earlier people had contentment whatever they get they were happy.

    Now time has changed. Boys want to marry a girl who look like
    Madhuri and behaves like sita.

    Same with girls.

    There is no love only physical attraction .

    Love for money has made couples life hell.

    Moreover in laws are old fashioned people.
    They shoulf not interfere in couples married life.

    This fast life has made married life hell.

  3. I loved lady gaga’s lines want to share ..for girls …”some women follow their dreams ..some follow men .. If you are confused which way to go remember ..your career will never wake up and say I don’t love you anymore”

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