God gives pains to you and your dear ones because he wants you to do a good deed to ward of pains of many whom you don’t know

Sairam friends,

One of the most read article in StarSai and the one I wrote before 10 years is

Reasons for Sufferings in Life

I wanted to write in a different perspective on how to handle problems in our life. At times, even if we can’t do good to others, why not try to find opportunity in the problems we face.

Example – If a girl/guy hurts you, then may be God has someone better for you.

If you don’t get a career you desires, then work hard to enhance your skills and am sure a better opportunity will knock your door.

If you are worried about future, find solutions rather than sitting idle.

Thus, in every difficulty and suffering, God wants us to think positive and live strong internally.

This early morning my Mom was holding her head and telling to herself that it pains so much that she wish she…… I woke up, applied udi in her head and came to my room to pray God. I just switched on my P.C and wanted to read something. She came and shouted at me. I told her, I will come in few minutes.

When ever my Mom visits a Doctor I take all her tablet names, search for side effects and let her have tablets which doesn’t lead to some other problem. There are few tablets she has regularly and I let her have it. Some medicines which can heal her pain at times leads to stomach ache.

I was thinking is there something I can do …such a big good deed that all my Mothers pain will go away and she will be healed. I have seen her sick for decades together and as she gets old its only getting worse.  I have read in a book about Karma that there are few Good Karma ( Good deeds) which will have immense effect immediately. There are few good deeds which after done takes some years to bless us with good life.

Further, Why should sufferings come to people who are close to us alone?

Many people including my Mom ask me we pray so much and why are we getting such pains?

May be we didn’t yet realize the secret of God.

When something happens to a stranger, we are not emotionally connected to it. When someone who are not in any way related to us gets a problem or suffering, we just feel sorry for them and move on with our busy life.

Only when pain comes to us and someone close to us, we getting emotionally connected to it.

I asked Saibaba if there’s something he wanted me to do to people who are in pain. May be I can build a hospital or may be I can create a way of meditation where people learn to heal them selves.  As far as I have learnt people who perceive problems with a self centered nature has never been successful in  finding the best solution.

On the other hand, people with a broad mind trying to solve problems of every other stranger has been successful in finding a universal solution. This could be a scientist or a Doctor or a philanthropist.

God gives pains to you and your dear ones because he wants you to do a good deed to ward of pains of many whom you don’t know

I was so much inspired by story of Dr.V.V who created Aravid Eye hospital after he got retired from Government service. You must read about how he created a profitable model. I wish you read the News Story about Dr.V in fast company (link below)

The Perfect Vision of Dr. V.

“You don’t have to qualify for the free hospital,” says Dr. V. “We never question anyone. We sometimes give rich people surgery for free, and we don’t question them. I don’t run a business. I give people their sight.” The next clue to the mystery of leadership: To achieve perfection, it helps to respect money — but not to be motivated by it.

Since opening day in 1976, Aravind has given sight to more than 1 million people in India. Dr. V. may not run a business, but it’s important to note that Aravind’s surgeons are so productive that the hospital has a gross margin of 40%, despite the fact that 70% of the patients pay nothing or close to nothing, and that the hospital does not depend on donations. Dr. V. has done it by constantly cutting costs, increasing efficiency, and building his market. ( courtesy – Fast Company)

Aravid’s model is being used as a prototype to run many other eye hospitals around the world. There can be ups and downs and various reviews from individual patients but we must look at how an organization serves as a whole.

At a time when commercialization in Health care is accepted as the way the world works, these are such visionaries emerging some where in the world. My sister always used to tell me, Never do any work for money. Do it because you love to do it. There are hundreds of scientists, professionals and Philanthropists dedicating their time to make the world a better place to live in.

Spirituality must lead us to something glorious. Something more broad minded and some thing more Open.

We are closing us to our own family, very close friends and very close relatives.

Let’s open up our heart and see how beautiful it would be to do something meaningful.

God likes to bless you with all you ask for but wants to know how you will serve to ward of pains of many whom you don’t know.

May be Sai is asking me to do something productive that serves millions of people by giving pains to my Mom.

I came back to my Mom’s room and she asked me to see if she feels better if I press her fingers in leg softly. I did that and she felt good. She has this nervous problem which pains a lot but Sai is taking care of her. This is all I could do today to relax her few minutes.

Hope I come to know the little secret of God very soon and do that so that God will heal my Mom.



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