Sai saved my Mom

Sairam friends, My Mom wasn’t well on Sunday night as she suddenly had chest ache. She did not come to Hospital too as she felt sleepy. Next morning, She got scared and hence thankfully, we took her to Doctor. I felt happy that there’s no major issue and she’s going to be fine. I gave … Read more

Please heal my Father Sai

Sairam friends, My Father is not well for the past 2-3 days. I will be taking him for checkup this evening. I trust Saibaba will heal him. I can’t see him in pain. I only hope its a small issue and it could be cured with few medicines. None of us are strong enough to … Read more

Repeat fever and pain

Sairam friends, This morning, I had a very strange dream as if I work for the same company where I had to quit my job. I saw the M.D calling me by name and asking my number and says “Photograph me”. I tell him that I did not bring my Camera and if he wants … Read more

Sai heals

Sairam friends, I wanted to write about Psychological warfare last night caused by Social media companies and basically the way we consume content from the internet. It will take sometime for me to research on the topic. Since its a Thursday, I wanted to write about Sai. When people started learning about Sai, he was … Read more