I have tooth ache and the pain makes me tell you that you should be thankful to Sai for good health

Sairam friends,

I suddenly got tooth ache and it pains like hell. My Ma asked me to go to dentist on Saturday but I denied as I get bored to wait for the dentist. I thought it will get healed and went to Nagasai mandir. I went for a walk in Saibaba colony and realized the pain is excruciating. So went to a pharmacy and asked the guy whom I know well to suggest tablets. I got it and had it at night. There’s no decay and everything seems to be okay but the pain seem to emerge from nowhere.

I am trying to divert myself from this pain by talking to my Sai friends or doing an online course.

I was worried about too many issues and suddenly this pain makes me realize that Sai actually has kept me safe. I was the one worrying too much for issues I can’t change.

If there’s something I can’t change, I should accept it and remain calm.

Being silent, working towards what I want and striving to achieve that matters than complaining that my life isn’t good.

The past one month, I have other health issues too which scares me as I my parents will be worried if I get sick. I believe Sai let me down and take care of me.  In anycase, if you are depressed or worried due to other issues in life, atleast be thankful to Sai for blessing you with good health.

If your health isn’t good, believe that you will be healed by Sai grace and get treated with confidence.

Keep chanting SAI SAI SAI when you are experiencing pain.

I feel dizzy due to this pain and might see the dentist only on Monday. Meanwhile, the tablets should work or probably it won’t. I like experiencing pain once in a while as it makes me a better person. It makes me understand the pain others are going through – Physically and mentally.

Sai blessings


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