I imagined as if I am in Dwarakamai when the dentist plucked my tooth

Sairam friends,

I had this tooth ache for almost a week. I went to the Dentist and he decided to take it off. Some of my friends were suggesting that its better do root canal. I did not go to the dentist since I felt it will get healed on its own.

The pain continued to hurt me and hence I finally went to the dentist on Thursday night. I got in, sat in the dentists clinic and told him “I was thinking if we could save the tooth”.

He said, “I can only save half of the tooth as the other half root if completely gone”

I said “Fine. If you think its ready to be removed, then we’ll do it”.

He injected. It was painful but I am used to this pain. So it was normal. Somehow, I know for sure the tooth is very strong. I goggled with water and my palm started shivering while I was holding the cup of water.. he he..

I felt bad and told the two women who were helping the dentist that “I am scared. Look I how shiver”

The dentist asked me to wait in the reception. I sat thinking about life and wondered why I became so weak these days? I never fear for pain but all that I experienced in the past couple of years made me too feeble. 

I felt that if I am scared for such silly issues, then, it means that I don’t trust Sai enough.

Actually, my Mom said she would join me to go to the Dentist but I denied and went alone. Now, again I sat infront of the Dentist to examine. He asked the nurse to take another injection.

Wonder why 2 injection for one tooth? May be since it was the last one in the lower jaw. 

He injected and it was only slight pain. 

Then he started the process to remove.

He used a small lever kind of stuff to uproot it. Then, he used another stuff to pluck it. 

He asked me “Is it paining? Tell me if its paining”.

I shook my palm to say its paining. 

By that time he twisted the metal piece and I felt he can’t stop now. So I have to bear with the pain. He also said “By the time you said its paining, I started removing”

I told Sai to forgive me for what ever sins I did and help me out. I imagined as if I am in Dwarakamai and kept chanting Sai’s holy name.

Finally, he took it out. I lifted my thumb to him.

He started explaining.

You are tall but your root is…….

I can’t even understand what he was saying because I felt little dizzy. 

I thanked him and walked out.

There’s a very good ice cream shop few feet from the clinic. I went there and seems those guys are used to customers coming from dentist place. My mouth had cotton. I showed him what I want. 

Then, I took my car and drove home. I was thinking what I will be doing in a life without my Ma and Pa? I have someone at home to atleast ask me if its paining. 

While I was sitting with fear in Dentist’s clinic, I messaged my Sai friends Shanmuga priya, Vidhya, Sangeeta (She just completed her Medicine) and Varalakshmi. 

Priya was very helpful and asked me not to fear and simply remember Sai. She kept praying for me. 

I told my Mom the Doctor said “Keep the cotton over tooth for 2 days” ..

He he..this is the funny part.

My Mom said “He must have said for 2 hours”

I laughed and told her “I told him its bleeding a lot and he said this. I was also wondering how can I keep the cotton over tooth for 2 days”

I removed the cotton and had idli. I used other side of the mouth to have. 

I slept off!

I had a very beautiful dream! I will keep it as a secret.

But in the end of the dream, I saw as if my Mom is not going to be well and Sai will help her.

As soon as I woke up, I heard my Ma vomiting and she wasn’t well. She had stomach ache and severe head ache.

I sat near her reading Guru Charita, gave her Udi water and kept telling her that she will be fine. I decided to take off at work as she started shivering.

My Pa and myself took her to Hospital. Thankfully, She improved after she had trips in the hospital.

We took her home and she was better.

My Father asked me to take him to Bhadrakali temple where he goes every Friday. So I took him, confirmed my Ma if she’s OK and went to work during second half.

At night, I went to Nagasai Mandir and was chatting with one of my friend Venkatesh. We were remembering our Shirdi trip during 2007. He said “Those days will never come again and that Shirdi also has changed a lot”

I sat in the car and was chatting with my weekend walking friend Sathyam. 

I reached home to see Ma has improved but she still has stomach ache. She took tablets and I gave her udi water.

I am little scared these days because my Ma has become too weak. Sai honestly saved her today by his grace.

One of the reason I write about my experience in Dentist place is this.

‘Please brush your teeth twice and also use any mouth wash or goggle with salt water at night”

I don’t like Mouth wash because I don’t like adding too much of chemicals in to our system on day to day basis.

In India we go to Doctor only when we have some issues. Its better to visit a dentist once every year to see if everything is OK so that you can avoid pain as I experienced. 

Trust me. Pain while removing tooth was actually normal to me as I have done that earlier. Probably, since this one was last tooth, it was unbearable. So I wrote this article to help you understand the importance of taking care of your Teeth. 

You know what?

Saibaba once lost his tooth which he gave to a devotee. Its now kept in a temple in Pune. 

The tooth is kept in the Sivaji Nagar Saibaba temple in Pune. I found the featured photograph on the internet from that temple.

Baba, please bless my parents with good health.

My Sister is going to Sandiago for a conference. Please bless her with safe journey and success.

She’s writing for 2 grants right now. Bless her with good health too.

Take care of all your children.

Please bless kids when they have pain because I was wondering how can kids bear such pain if they have tooth ache.

I love you Sai


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