Nothing will change in your life. Still believe in Saibaba

Sairam friends,

Telling something positive is a way to motivate people. I have been doing it for years. On the contrast, I say something negative because our life is like that. We expect something super cool to happen but we will remain worried. So why not accept life as it is? Why are you frustrated that your desires aren’t fulfilled. Accept such failures and difficulties as normal.

Be a tough girl

Be a tough man.

That will make you reach great heights.

The problem with us is that we expect a good life and we believe that Saibaba will bless us with all happiness we desire. Sai is there for you and will grant you what you deserve but the process takes time. I mean, so much time that you will start to complain that Saibaba is doing nothing for you.

Why should you see Saibaba as someone who is there to fulfill your desire and change your life for good? Go beyond that.

Believe that Sai is living inside yourself and even when nothing seems to change in your life, you have Sai with you.

You can take my life for example. I haven’t got much that I desired and I might never get for lifetime. What makes me trust Sai?

Believe it or not, Saibaba shows you some hints that he’s there for you. No. This isn’t anything related to your big desire. This is about day to day issues in which Saibaba is helping you. I have seen hundreds of thousands of Sai devotees and wondered how Sai is managing so many people?

I mean, we are all made of some desires in our heart. It could be related to studies,career, relationship, health or any other goals. How can this poor fakir of Shirdi work on each and every one of us individually? I wrote this article for Sai devotees who are fed up with their life wondering why Sai is not helping them. Stay calm. I know nothing has changed for years. Still believe in Saibaba.

He needs sometime to work on your life.

So holding on to Sai when nothing seems to happen is hardest task. Stay silent.

Silence will change your life for good.


So what’s happening with me?

Tea is something I love most. In 2010, when my Father was not well, I prayed Lord Murugan to heal him and that I will give up having Tea. So I am left with Coffee!

They provide free Coffee in the place I work but when ever I have it, I feel something hurts in my throat and it burns in my chest. Well, probably because am too old for this Coffee. So I started having just one or two sip. This also did not helped as I continued to have burning sensation. One of this Mam brings a powder made in her home and drinks it with hot water. I asked her for it and felt that’s way better than Coffee.

I asked her for ingredients, came home and told my Ma that I need it. I thought my Mom will do the task I assigned her during weekend. But she immediately made it and also included other ingredients. he he…

Moms Powder

I took it to office and showed my friends saying I am not a looser to drink some adulterated Coffee and bought a homemade powder to mix with hot water to drink. Later, In the evening I told my friends that the Coffee they drink for free is actually made by churning bricks, powdering it and dropping it in Coffee machine and I feel pity for them to drink it. he he…

So everyday, I will take the power in a paper to the Coffee machine, get hot water and mix it. I feel little embarrassed to do it infront of others because it looks too local.Anyway, as long as it doesn’t hurt my throat its OK for me.

My Mom was not well on Friday which made me feel very sad. Past 3 days she’s better by Sai grace.

Today, I did not feel like going to dentist and hence went to Nagasai mandir. I came home and spoke to my Mom for few minutes.

Now, I feel slight tooth pain as I did not had pain killer tablet. I wanted to test if I will get better without going to dentist. I am little scared to pluck the tooth. The dentist had lots of Cartoons like Bunny etc stuck on the wall with colorful painting. Probably, that’s for kids to feel comfortable when they are going to experience some pain. Even I felt happy looking at these cartoons.

I got little depressed this evening. I went for a walk alone thinking if its worth living? Sai should show me a way.

I feel sleepy now. I have pain till my head. Sai, please take care of your children who are going through pain.

So what’s the moral of the article?

Sometimes, Life won’t change as you wish. You might keep facing difficulties. Still, remember Saibaba and believe in him.

You will be blessed.

Om Sai Ram


Note – The featured Photo was sent by someone of my Sai friend on Whatsapp and I forgot whom!

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