Your devotion can bless you with good health: Mantra to get rid of diseases

Sairam friends,

I am doing Work From Home these days and often used to think about people who lost their job due to Corona epidemic. Many people across the globe are going through severe mental stress during these uncertain times.

While I was watching various spiritual videos, I came across an amazing spiritual speaker called D.A.Joseph who has made several videos in Tamil in praise of Lord Vishnu ( Vaishnavism).

I happen to listen to his talk about the sacred book Yoga Vasistha.

Seems a Rakshashi ( Monstor) called Katkati was tall and having a huge body. She was harming people wherever she goes. Later, She did tapas for years and also did Mouna vrata ( Practicing Silence) to ask for another boon.

She got the boon of becoming very small in size ( Micro organism like Corona) and getting into the nose of people and causing harm to their body.

The Lord Brahma has granted her the boon but told her that she should effect only bad people and leave the good people alone.

Corona pandemic has killed several good people across the world. So I wanted to write an article which helps people understand how they could secure themselves.

(You basically get secured when you stay home, when you control your tempt to travel unnecessarily, wear mask, wash hands etc. But along with that, there should also be a spiritual way to secure yourself which I am trying to explore)

Click here to watch amazing spiritual talk of D.A. Joseph sir on Yoga Vasishta – It’s in Tamil and hence I am writing about the mantra he suggested along with this video in English so that it benefits everyone across the world.

Your devotion can bless you with good health

My intention in writing this blog is to ensure everyone who are really scared about Corona feel confident that they will be saved by the almighty. You could be from any religion. All you have to do is, keep your mind pure, follow good habits and spend few minutes everyday to show devotion on God.

If you are inclined to sacred Mantra, I request you to listen to Vishnu Sahasranamam everyday.

If you love Sai, you could read Chapter 13 from the holy book Sri Sai Satcharita (Click the link above, download pdf and read chapter 13)

In Yoga Vashishta, there’s also a mention that while the women monster Karkati could enter one’s body through Nose and ruin their health, those who have good heart should be allowed to chant below mantra and get rid of the diseases.

So here’s the mantra. I took screenshot of D.A.Joseph’s video and pasting it as it is.

I also made a video so that you can share with your friends. I apologize as the audio isn’t good as my new mobile isn’t suitable for videos.

Mantra to get rid of diseases like Corona

Om Hreem Hraam Reem Raam Vishnu Shakthaye Namaha

Om Namo Bhagavathi Visnnu Shakthimenam

Om Hara Hara Naya Naya Pacha Pacha

Matha Matha Utsadaya Doore Kuru Svaha Himavantham Gaccha

Jeeva Saha Saha Saha Chandra Mandala Gathosi Svaha

Remember Lord Maha Vishnu when you read the above mantra.

A very humble request. If you don’t like such articles or the fact that I have posted this mantra to get rid of diseases, kindly ignore this. Do not make fun of it or think negatively. I came to know about it through D.A. Josesh sir’s talk and I believe his words should read many good people. So tried to spread this message.

Kindly spread this message to your close friends and who believe that devotion can help in curing diseases and also to protect them from pandemic like Coronavirus.

If you feel someone isn’t pure and is against spirituality, kindly avoid sharing this with them.

Devotion and mantra will only help people who believe in it and read it with faith. So keep it as a treasure and secret.

Hope you like this article friends.

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