Shirdi Saibaba will bear your pain

Sairam friends, Last night I went early from work as I wanted to do get some cash and also look for good Printers and Laptop which I plan to buy. I keep spending money but I wanted to do something really creative in the days to come. As of now, I don’t feel like purchasing … Read more

The Best Doctor is in Shirdi

Sairam friends, Yesterday, I went to Nagasai Mandhir at night, lit lamps and felt really hungry. I wanted to go home as I was tired and also wanted to work on some Sites I made. I went near the flower shop and told the boy there that I am going home. Another man in the … Read more

God gives pains to you and your dear ones because he wants you to do a good deed to ward of pains of many whom you don’t know

Sairam friends, One of the most read article in StarSai and the one I wrote before 10 years is Reasons for Sufferings in Life I wanted to write in a different perspective on how to handle problems in our life. At times, even if we can’t do good to others, why not try to find … Read more

Sai’s way of Curing the sick – When you have Health issues, Please say it to someone who can take you to doctor with confidence

Sairam friends, I believe devotees will be fed up listening to my own life stories and experiences alone. There are so many millions of Sai devotees and everyone needs to be taken care of. So I wanted to write something that’s worthy enough. There are various problems in Life but one for which Sai devotees … Read more