Listening – A gift we rarely value

Sairam friends, I was watching a video about how Auditory School of NY where they train kids who are born deaf to hear *to some extent. I wanted to write about it today because we people who are blessed with ability to listen does not realize the value of “Listening”. A 10 year boy in … Read more

Shirdi Saibaba’s care for Children

Sairam friends, The first incident Hamadpant witnessed in 1910 when he has darshan of Sri Sai Baba is beautifully described in the holy book Sri Sai Satcharitra.  Sai Baba sits in Dwarakamai grinding the wheat and some women devotees of the village join him to do the work.  Then, Sai asks these Women to spread … Read more

Something in life that Money can’t buy you

Sairam friends, Yesterday, I kept making fun and laughing all the day at work. Some people were asked to give testimony about how some Corporate Insurance policy benefited them which made me get irritated. In western countries, people doesn’t let others speak about their health issues publicly but in India, we don’t have any compliance … Read more

Spiritual guidance for Girls who drink

Sairam friends, Here come’s the truth. There are Sai devotees who drink. No doubt in this and they can’t give up drinking even when they go for a pilgrimage to Shirdi. Some hotels in Shirdi has bar attached to it. I haven’t been to Shirdi before 5 years and not sure about the exact statistics. … Read more


Sairam friends, Day before yesterday after writing the article about Karthigai festival, I wanted to watch a Movie. I tried to watch but felt tired and went to sleep. Suddenly, I had pain originating in my left hand from shoulder to mid and the pain gradually increased. In few minutes, I was having unbearable pain. … Read more