Shirdi Saibaba will bear your pain

Sairam friends,

Last night I went early from work as I wanted to do get some cash and also look for good Printers and Laptop which I plan to buy. I keep spending money but I wanted to do something really creative in the days to come. As of now, I don’t feel like purchasing and went to Saibaba temple, offered Kumkum to Sai, lit lamps and was there for a while.

2 days back, I got believe email from a devotee Vaishnavi. I wish to share her experience with Shirdi Saibaba with you as it inspires people who has health issues. Don’t worry and keep praying Saibaba. Sai will heal you gradually. There are devotees who fear for getting treated with small procedure or surgery. I believe this Sai experience will make them feel confident.

Shirdi Saibaba will bear your pain

My father is a good Devotee of Sai…

Though I carry Sai in my name. I never felt Sai close to my heart till two decades of my life moved….I am sorry to say these i was in trans that if i have to bow my head infront of some one ..its only supreme..lord Venkateswara and not any other. Venkateswara is our Family Deity.I failed to recognise that all are same

Am a post graduate. It was the time of my pg. Two years ago ,in my second year of Pg, I have gone through some sort of surgery. I used to have a tumour on my collar bone which was removed safely but sad part is ,as expected it was not a mere malignant tumour. Its rresult came as lymphoma ,a lymphnode cancer,,all are distingushed to have a lymphoma on bone.

I was left with a blank choice,,except radiation therapy,my sister in law came to me and said give a two rupees coin to Sai means tie it in a yellow colour cloth and keep it at sai’s toe and that he will bear all your pain…..
I dont know why and how i surrendered to those words. I did it with out any hesitation. I also prayed Lord venkateswara tht i will come to tirumala if a miracle happens

I still remember the day that was the Saturday ,i went to hospital to do pet ct…i entered the diagnostic room ,i saw both Sai And lord Venkateswara’s photos pasted on the glass ..which made me to cry and ,,next week i came to know that it simple that MY REPORTS GOT CHANGED …AND I AM ABSOLUTELY FINE….

I had another incident that in the same semester. I was tortured by a guy and god rescued me from that fellow and Sai blessed me with a gold medal as i could retain good  percentage scored in past semesters.

Recently another issue happened on August 21 solved on next thursday. I prayed baba to solve that ,and slept holding and hugging sacharitha…crying all the night…….

I never ever believed in god for past 20 years and on my 21 st year i came know do god exsists in from of sai and he is ready to occupy and rule our hearts…

I dont knw how to do pooja and all
I dont what kind of pooja and rituals are to be followed
By reading your posts and comments that i came to know that i should address sai devotees “Sai ram” before starting. Though my uncle and all do that, i never followed it. What i do is only one thing simply look at sai’s photo and and say baba help me and dont make me to do anything wrong….

I dont know what to say am an Amature Devotee ,who dont knw anything. Sometimes worrying for small ..small things ..even seeing the miracles done by baba.

By the posts i have seen by you and after reading others posts, i should say i must stop worrying unnecessarily and surrender myself to baba and wait for my day.

sai ram…

Thanks a lot


Hope you like this girls experience friends..I have seen various devotees of Shirdi Saibaba worshiping Sai in their own innocent way. So keep the faith and be calm. Sai will show you a way.

Now I get late for work..Tata..Venkat

6 thoughts on “Shirdi Saibaba will bear your pain”

  1. Its my own story….thanks a lot Mr.Venkat…..

    May baba bless all his devotees with health a nd prosperity

    Sai ram………

  2. Sai Ram Venkat and Vaishnavi

    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. These stories and experiences give us encouragement.

    This too is Baba’s grace that we got to read them.

    Take care and May Baba bless us all!


  3. Your experience really made me feel relax as my mother is not keeping well i was totally exhausted and there was no peace of mind. Sai Baba please bless my mother with a good health. Friends please pray for my moter. Thanks.

  4. Sairam….dnt wry Arpita…..baba will be there for u…he will heal ur moms disease soon…..we all pray for your mom… sai ram

  5. Venkat and Vaishnavi

    Thanks a lot for sharing your experience. These stories and experiences give us encouragement.

    This too is Baba’s grace that we got to read them.

    Take care

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