Changdev Maharaj and Beautiful Shirdi Saibaba painting

Sairam friends,

In 2007, when I had been to Shirdi, I truly had many divine experiences. I went with one of my Sai guru and also my friend Kanna. We went to a place where Changdev Maharaj, a Saint who lived in a village in Maharastra for more than 1,400 Years. He has ability to choose when he can have samadhi and continued to live for hundreds of years. He was so powerful and because of his ego, he thought no other saint is bigger than him. Once he met a another small boy who already was a saint. His name is Dnyanadev.

I shall present you the story courtesy of Wikipedia

Dnyanadev and the flying wall which washed away the ego of Changdev Maharaj

As the story goes, when the four siblings of Nivritti − Dnyanadev, Sopandev, and Muktai − achieved glory, Changdev Maharaj wanted to test them, and hence sent them a blank note. When the siblings received this note, they laughed at the gesture and, on Nivritti’s asking, Dnyaneshwar wrote 65 verses which were the quintessence of Vedanta on it. When the paper reached Changdev Maharaj, he had difficulty understanding what was written, and decided to meet the siblings to show them his yogic powers in person. For this visit he chose to ride on back of a tiger, wielding a poisonous cobra as a whip.

Dnyaneshwar Changdev
Dhyaneshwar and his siblings were ably to make a wall to fly which made Changdev realize there are saints powerful than him and humbles

When the siblings, then sitting on a masonry wall, saw the procession of Changdev Maharaj and thousands of his devotees walking toward their house, they decided to break his pride by humiliating him. They patted on the wall and it rose up to fly in the air. This use of an inanimate wall as a vehicle amazed everyone present.

Changdev Maharaj realized the greatness of these children. He became one of their disciples and overcame his pride and ego. These verses sent by Dnyaneshwar later became known as Changdev Pasashti (Pasast means 65 in Marathi) and are one of the holy scriptures amongst followers of Dnyaneshwar.

punthanbe chagdev maharaj
Chagdev Maharaj samadhi is above Vittal-Rukmini temple in Puntanbe. It was so crowded during Ekadesi -Did you see that white Gopuram. Below that is sacred Samadhi and Gods statues

Giving water to devotees:

This village is situated around 20-30 kms from Shirdi. Me and my friends bought some 100 packets of water and distributed to devotees who come by walk to the Beautiful Rukmini temple and also Changdev Maharaj Samadhi. It was hot summer and we all were happy for this small seva. All of you remember to give water to people when ever you get opportunity. I love giving water so much friends.

godavari river
Chagdev Maharaj samadhi faces Godavari river. So much water was there that my friends Dad din’t allow me to bath

Many of you go to Shirdi in hurry but near by places are also beautiful. If you have time, you can visit such temples. Sai is our Guru but we must have all experiences and know about all good saints. So today I created a new category called Saints by Sai Saraswathi’s grace. I will only write about Ancient Saadhus and Saints.

Changdev Maharaj and Beautiful Shirdi Saibaba painting

Now. I shall present you a beautiful painting of Shirdi Saibaba which I took in Sivanesan Swamiji Samadhi situated 2 kms from Shirdi in pimpalwadi road. We must learn from Changdev Maharaj that one must never be egoistic and always be humble.

shirdi saibaba
Shirdi Saibaba painting – Thanks to the artist for beautiful work

I believe some devotee must have gifted this painting to Zarine madam who wrote Sai Samartha Satcharitra in English.

Today is one of my Best friends Birthday whom I consider as my little Sis. So I quickly searched for my 2007 Shirdi Trip photos and presented it to all Sai children. Hope this sends her blessings of Sai and makes her life beautiful.

I am missing Shirdi Baba…please call me soon !

Sai bless all his children

Am in hurry now



Always in the holy feet of Shirdi Saibaba

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