Sai blessed me with Raghavendra Swami in dream and my wish to do as much good as I can

Sairam friends,

I was working a lot the past couple of days and then on Sunday evening, I went to Saibaba temple. Something made me really upset and too depressed all of a sudden. I sat down in Dwarakamai and kept looking into Dhuni. Couple of days back Sai blessed me with a dream of Raghavendra Swami. It was truly divine experience and he also did a miracle.

I kept chanting “Sai Raghavendra” in mind. Then, I told Baba, that I can only chant his name. So Baba gave me a suggestion to chant “Sai Ram..Sai Ram..Sai Ram”. This way, I am remembering both Sai and Saint Raghavendra who loves Sri Rama.

Beautiful Photo of Saint Sri Raghavendra Swami

Raghavendra Swami
Raghavendra Swami

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A dream in which Saibaba and Raghavendra Swami proved saints work in unison

3 days back, I thought that I created a separate section to write about other Ancient Saints but never wrote about more than 2 saints. It was night when I had this thought. I slept off and had the following dream.

It was as if my Father was walking in road and some insane man is following him to take away the money he has. Some of his stuff falls on road but my Father picks it. I notice this man and protect my Dad from him. I don’t know where my Dad went while I was fighting with the insane man. I worry a lot and walk near my home. I suddenly saw a small tent outside my home. I see Raghavendra Swami sitting like a old man inside the tent and smiling at me. He was really divine and I could see he has blessed me with his smile.

Then, I come into my home and felt relaxed as I see my Father is safe.

I woke up and was upset about the dream. My parents usually get irritated if I ask them not to go outside as I saw a bad dream. My Dad usually goes to Bhadrakaali Amman temple 2 Kms from my house every Friday. So I gave him Udi water and told him to be very careful and left to office. At night, I called my Mom to ask if she’s OK. She told me that my Appa lost his mobile phone. I said that’s OK because I know something’s gonna be wrong today. Its just a mobile.

Strangely, the mobile was not switched off. So I kept ringing. Seems my Father has dropped the mobile near the Neem tree in Colony Siddhi Vinayak temple. So a women who has come around Goddess heard sound of Mobile ringing and told the priest. In 5 minutes, The priest told me that he took the mobile near the Neem tree and will give my Father.

Now. here’s how Saints work

Neither God or Saint can completely alter one’s fate. If we are supposed to have a bad day, we must. What happens when we have immense devotion on Saints? They can alter the situation from worse to a tolerable pain. I believe instead of my Pa facing any other danger and worrying about it, he was simply upset that his mobile was lost.

I came home and told my parents that Sai told me something wrong is gonna happen in dream but since the dream ended in peace, I didn’t worry much as I believe Saibaba will protect us. Further, I didn’t told them about it in morning as they start to advice me not to believe in dreams etc. They ask me “Won’t Saibaba tell you something good is going to happen” for which I had to tell, “He tells me good happenings too and I trust him.”

Several times, I had such experiences in which Baba tells me something bad in dream and he has his own way of protecting us. I was chanting the holy name of “Sai Raghavendra” most of the day when ever I felt like.

Why did Sai showed Raghavendra Swami in dream? 

This was strange to me. I worship Lord Rama and Hanuman a lot but specifically I am not that devoted to Sri Raghavendra and also did not get chance to have darshan of Sri Raghavendra Swami in Mantralayam. I will surely visit the holy place when I get opportunity.

Some people who are not devoted to Shirdi Saibaba might misunderstand him but honestly Sai encourages us to show devotion on every good, ancient saint. The day before, I thought that I did not write about other Saints in StarSai and immediately Sai showed me Raghavendra Swami in dream and also helped invisibly protected my Pa. I read few articles on Raghavendra Swami and also his life story. I bought a book and photo in Saibaba temple and recited Raghavendra Stotra.

Anyway, I am not sure how you people will take it.

Practical Spirituality – My wish to do as much good as I can,quickly

I used to see a guy who calmly sits and prays. Today, he kept laughing on his own which made me really get scared. Even now, I have this feeling of fear deep in my chest. Don’t know why I fear like this when I see something strange. I was wondering what happened to him? Why do people loose their stability of mind when they are with Sai? May be, I just mistook him.

Did you understand that physically worshiping Saibaba and mentally understanding Sai’s ways are different? Most of us are externally doing prayers but hardly took time to feel the presence of Sai in us. Baba has shown me on several occasions that he lives in me and every good soul but I continue to doubt him. Wish I could change myself and totally remain devoted to Sai, every minute of my life.

Now a days, I try to be too practical with the way I perceive this whole spirituality stuff. Irrespective of how devoted we are, fate takes its turn and this is when the good deeds we do comes to play. Simply doing some pooja following strict rules is not enough. We may not internally feel the presence of God and Guru. You don’t have to follow any rules but if you feel the presence of God and Sai deep in your heart, then your life will be good. Mere, Outward devotion doesn’t help much.

I just understood one thing very clearly.

Life is too short for me to plan what to do and what not to do. I already lost a lot in my life. If there’s something good I can do, Sai must guide me and make me work on it.

Sai and Sri Raghavendra Swami blessings,


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  1. Even in my dream I have seen ragavandra blessing me. But for the last one year I’m worrying about my son’s health.i prayed sai and all the gods no one is helping. When I read your articles I’m getting confidence. Only the God can help.

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