True Saints in the world filled with false gurus

Sairam friends,

I love Shirdi Saibaba especially because of the way Sai works to bring a good soul into his soul. Have you noticed that there’s none who forces anyone to worship Sai? People just casually suggest their close friends that they could worship Shirdi Saibaba. What’s happening between friends and relatives is just a suggestion and request. Further, these days, every other person is a Sai devotee. Saibaba personally works with each individual person to do good to his life.

There are thousands of Sai devotees who’s desire never gets fulfilled but I always tell them, atleast be happy that you are holding on to a true saint. A true Guru like Shirdi Saibaba is like a Diamond. Its upto us to make use of Sai’s presence in our life.

I am worried that these days, many people are behind false saints who just knows to speak well. They appear on TV, Write in Magazines, Have a good social media presence and live in luxury. Millions of ordinary Indian’s are victim of such false gurus and I don’t specifically mention any of them. They have political influence and wealth to cover all their crimes.

From yesturday, I started chanting in mind remembering all Guru’s who were believed to be incarnation of Lord Dattatreya.

Shreepada Shreevallabha

Narasimha Saraswati

Swami Samartha

Shirdi Saibaba

Gajanan Maharaj

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These saints lived between 13th to 18th century. Though Sai is very popular, all other saints have done several leela to take care of their devotees.

Gajanan Maharaj who lived during same time as Sai has once come to Shirdi.

Both Gajanan and Saibaba never spoke a word to each other.

Gajanan maharaj laughed peculiarly looking at Sai and Sai also smiled to him from Dwarakamai. Immidiately, Gajanan walked away. That’s it.

This simple communication through a laugh and smile was enough because all true saints are one.

They work in unison to take care of all of us.

Kindly analyze if you did any mistake in choosing the right Guru. Saibaba works very slowly. He’s not an instant giver but he won’t ruin your life. Saibaba will make sure you get what you want through your own hardwork. Sai will lead you in the path of work.

Never trust anyone who claims they can change your life. Never even believe anyone who claims that Sai speaks to them. Never believe any modern, false saints who’s only desire is your money and making you their slave.

Don’t be hooked to anyone just because they speak well.

I also can speak well attimes. Does that make me saintly or a Guru?

I can write about temples and pooja alone in StarSai but that will make me sound like a staunch Sai devotee who only knows Sai. That isn’t true. Rarely, I receive mails in which devotees call me Guru. They simply call me that way out of respect as they are ignorant.

To be a Guru, one must work subconciously with every individual devotee they have. Only saints who are omnipresent has ability to work through your mind.

I want to project myself as an ordinary Sai devotee because only people like us must understand Sai.

I never ask anyone who don’t like Sai to worship Sai but it hurts me when I see thousands of youngters are behind false Gurus these days. I hope they realize the meaning of True Guru. I can never expect to make everyone follow a Good guru because in Kalyug, false Gurus will be widespread and people also will go behind them. I can’t stop it through such articles.

I am writing for Sai devotees to be happy that they have choosen a good Guru. Sai may sound as if he doesn’t care for you. However, someday, you will realize Sai is silently working for your welfare.

So remember Sai deeply and worship him.

Om Sai Ram


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