Sai, heal my Father and writing about a saint who lived before 6000 years

Sairam friends,

Every morning, I get a dream from Sai about whom I should not marry. Probably its a dream Sai blesses me with to make sure he  shows something in dream instead of it happening in reality. Many Sai devotees think that Sai’s dreams will come true as it is but it depends on why Sai blessed you with a dream. Today, I had a dream and it was so vivid and real and I felt little upset that I lost my freedom and also going to marry a girl. I woke up and realized its a dream.

When I woke up, I found my Father not well.My Mom was asking him what happened and he said “We have to bear it what ever we are supposed to”.

I kept chanting baba’s name to heal my Father. Right from the day we came back from Madurai, My Father complaints about Stomach ache. He has some problem but never comes to visit Doctor. He gets bored to wait for Doctor. Well, what can we do?

Baba, please heal my Appa. He’s not going to seva in the near by Ganesha temple as he must not go temple for 30 days and from 27th he will be serving in temple with his friends. Please heal him and make him healthy Baba.

Writing about a saint who lived before 6000 years

I had a vision in 2005 when I was crazy about Shirdi Saibaba. Don’t ask me if I am not crazy now. Those days, I was too much into spirituality, visions etc. Later, I wanted to get out of it and have a balance between my life,career and Spirituality. It was a time when I believed Life is going to be great soon as I started serving Saibaba a lot. I never thought I am going to be like this even in 2014.

Last Sunday, I had been to Marudhamalai  when it was already Dark. I have a friend near the cave there. He and just 2-3 others knows about this Saint who lived before 6000 years. The saint’s name is very strange. Its name of a bird and its in Tamil. I don’t know if people will be able to relate to him if I write about him. I wrote about all these experiences in 2005. Then I removed it because many people started questioning me about him. I don’t want to get too much into spirituality. There are few secrets Sai told me and I don’t know which to reveal and which I shouldn’t.

This time, In Marudhamalai hill temple, I prayed Murugan . I was little sad thinking about my life. Then I met my friend. I had told about this saint and his name before 9 years. I told him “I never wrote about the saint. Should I write now in StarSai”

He thought StarSai is a ashram and asked me where is it? I told him, Its just a website where people come to read. Should I write about him.

The very reason Saibaba showed me this Saint, some previous birth stories and many others especially because he wanted me to make this Saints name popular. Many times I avoided it since I ask baba, if there’s another Saint than where is your place in my heart? I can’t see any other saint in your place.

Anyway, My friend told me” Eludhungo. Subikshama Irukum.” ….In the very beautiful accent, he told me “Write about the Saint. It will be auspicious”.

I came back home and din’t felt like writing especially since Sai din’t gave me approval. While in Marudhamalai, the lizard tick ticked. My friend told me “You got approval from God to write about the saint. Do write about him. It will be auspicious”.

I am waiting for Sai’s direct approval to write or else I won’t write.

Its one of my best kept secrets in my journey with Saibaba for past several years. I want to be careful in what I do and do it only if Sai wishes. I also don’t want to confuse Sai devotees.

Let me see.

OK. Now am getting late for work.

Sai, bless my parents with good health.

Sai blessings


Edit: On November 3rd 2014, Saibaba confirmed not to spread a word or tell any thing about this saint. He seems to be egoistic and not a good saint. So I am going to follow Saibaba’s command.

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