Lets say a silent prayer for Aviation professionals – Pilots, Cabin Crew members..

Sairam friends,

One of my Sai friend was an Air Hostess in Jet Airways ( She now moved to Etihad). So I know how hardworking are these cabin crew members, pilots and others working for us to fly peacefully around the world. If the flight is at 4 A.M in the morning, she used to start for work at 12 when we all go to sleep. I used to think that being an Air Hostess is fancy for all others accept for someone working in the Aviation Industry.

I also know the little day today issues these professionals used to tackle and how they run their hectic life.

Millions of Aviation professionals dedicate their life to take us to our destination. This article is dedicated Aviation professionals which includes Pilots, people working in Airport and Cabin crew members. Please say a silent prayer to Shirdi Saibaba or any Gods you love in your mind for them. Lets pay tribute for their sincerity and dedication.

When the Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 was attacked by idiots with a Missile, it was a breaking news for all of us. We remain neutral and simply feel sorry for those who lost their life. I myself just felt shocked but took it as just another news. I was looking in to Google Maps for locating the are where the flight fell down.

After a while, I saw another news article in which a friend of an Air Hostess who flew in MH 17 asking if she actually flew in that flight. Another friend of the Air hostess who works in Malaysian Airlines confirmed her with tears that she really did travel in that flight.

This conversation really touched me and I started having tears in my eyes though I was at work place. I thought what life is this where you can’t even tell your dear ones that you are leaving forever.

Lets say a silent prayer to Sai that such incidents must never happen to anyone. Imagine the people who traveled just to reach their destination and come back to their home country? They would have never expected such a thing would happen.

Lets say a Silent prayer to people who travel by flight too because we believe in these Aviation professionals and their skills to take us to our destination peacefully.

Let us say a silent prayer because we believe in “Freedom to fly and freedom to Live peacefully”.

silent prayer aviation professionals
Cabin Crew from around the world pays tribute. Crew from EuroAtlantic Airways in Portugal want you to know you’re in their hearts and prayers.
prayer Malaysia Airlines Flight
College students pay tribute lighting candles in shape of flight – University in Yangzhou, Jiangsu province

I too have a photo to dedicate to all Aviation professionals  РPilots, Cabin crew and each and everyone who dedicate their life to help us fly safe.

I also pray Shirdi Saibaba to bless his children to fly Safe and reach their destination happily.

This photo was taken years back when my friend working as Air hostess was angry with me. She din’t talk to me as I was too possessive of her for a while. I printed this photo with Saibaba over flight and sent to her home in Mumbai

(Note – Now she has boy friend and I am not in touch with her any more. Sai decided that she will be happy with some other guy and am happy about Sai’s decision)

Anyway, I am pleased to dedicate this photo on this situation.

shirdi saibaba fly safe
Shirdi Saibaba blessings to fly safe

I sent this photo to my dear Air Hostess friend with below wordings …

” When devotees after having darshan of Sai steps out of Dwarakamai, Sai waves his hand in whats called
Gods Speed”.

Where ever you go remember Sai with Love. Sai will go ahead of you and protect you like a Mother”.

Need I say more..

She was soooo happy to see this gift of mine and spoke to me again.

Anyway, Now all I have is memory and I am thankful to her as I am able to use this picture today.

Good things we do always has some value.

Once again, Lets say a silent prayer for these Aviation professionals.

The pilots. Cabin Crew and all others who helps us fly safe.

Prayers also goes to people who travel on flight. Be confident. Sai is with you.

I am getting late for my work now.



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1 thought on “Lets say a silent prayer for Aviation professionals – Pilots, Cabin Crew members..”

  1. Sai Ram Venkat Bro,
    Its really very hurting for us in Malaysia as this is the 2nd incident, whereby just 5 months ago MH370 went missing until now we do not know what happen to that flight. Here again another one been shot. Innocence life were in there.

    Moms of innocent kids had lost their mom’s love forever. Kids of some of the air hostess are still very young. Everyday I’m reading news here thru our local newspaper and tears just flowing as of now I’m writing to you, i can’t stop my tears….Very sad Venkat…we are in deep sadness…

    Some of the passengers are coming back home to celebrate Hari Raya Aidilfitri next week….the most grand festival for our Islam brothers and sisters…but now they are not coming forever….everyone is grieving…..too hard for us to bear this incident. Hope Baba will help to heal the hearts of those badly hurt and punish the culprit behind this shooting. Sai Ram Sai Ram Sai Ram…..

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