Naam Smaran, Chanting of Saints name can heal – A Shirdi Sai Baba experience during Navratri

Sairam friends,

I was busy helping my parents to arrange the statues for Navratri Gollu and also bought flowers to offer the Gods and Goddess in our home. I had plans to complete the Book I started writing before 4 years and was thinking how to work on it. Mean while, I wanted to start Durga Saptashati parayan – The holy 700 Mantra of Goddess Durga. I was too tired. So played the Durga Saptashati song in Youtube and slept off.

Already, I had pain in the back of my neck. When I woke up, it increased a lot and I felt like fainting. My parents applied the ayurvedic oil that Mom uses for her pain and found its swollen and scolded me for always sitting on the computer. I told them, Its not because of that.

shirdi saibaba
Shirdi Saibaba blessings from his holy Samadhi during Navratri

Naam Smaran, Chanting of Saints name can heal 

I was really pained due to few happenings and could not sleep all night. Mom strained a lot today since few kids and friends had come for Navratri in the evening and she had to make snacks etc. At night the nerves in her leg got stiff and she could not walk. I told her, she must have taken rest during afternoon. I gave Udi water to her and pressed her legs saying it will be fine. Then I asked my Mom to walk a bit and think positive. She cried and told Gods to bless her and heal the pain. She tried to walk to the hall and sat in the chair. Though it was 3.A.M, I wanted to recite Skandha Guru Kavasam. I read it and gave the water as prasad to Amma.

Amma laid down and I sat near her and did Naam Smaran, Chanting “Aum Sai Sri Sai Jaya Jaya Sai”  pressing moms legs softly so that nerves will become flexible and she can walk as before.

Mom asked me to sleep but I continued to chant as much as I can. I closed my eyes and while doing Naam Smaran, had a vision of a light emerging from Samadhi of Shirdi Sai baba and coming into my Mom as rays of light. I usually do this imagination when ever I chant from bottom of my heart and sometimes, I could see what I imagine. It will be so vivid that I can feel it real.

After a while, I tried to sleep but due to pain in neck, I could not. I kept thinking why all this happens to us when we only do good to everyone?

A Shirdi Sai Baba experience during Navratri

In the morning, I heared Mom crying and ran to hall to see hows she. She was feeling much better and could walk step by step. I thanked the Gods and Saibaba because I am happy as Mom is able to walk though she has pain in her leg.

Though I always go to Saibaba temple and other temples I love to visit once in a while and do Pooja at home, very rarely, I merge one with Sai while doing Naam smaran. If we keep our mind in the holy feet of Sai and do Naam smaran , Surely Sai will heal us.

I was blessed with a dream

It was like, someone asking me to take care of a project he is planning. It was like a huge factory and few people are painting the walls in Yellow color. I roam around the factory doing some work and suddenly find a Golden Watch in the ground. The brand name of the watch was written as ‘SAI”

Though its Gold watch, it was broken. I am thinking that It will look good if I change the chain and keep it for myself.

That’s it friends.

I wonder what Sai is planning but I know Sai is a Saint who cares for us.



Always in the holy feet of Shirdi Sai Baba


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  1. Really sai answers very clearly through this website always read saicharitra daily and di nine week. Saivrat and chant Omsai. Shreesairam jeyjeysai. Sai is paramatma he knows our inner heart do not fear always chant sais name and get every thing you want sai is inner ruler.

    Your website is awesome pl all spread word about this web site so that all can get benefited

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