How to be calm,relaxed and have patience even during difficulties

Sairam friends,

I get tensed and feel unrest in my mind very easily. Life is not always bed of roses and at times we might have to face few issues with out getting tensed as if the whole life is gone. Am writing this because i go restless and tensed for little problems in day to day life. My parents keep telling me that i must act more relaxed and do anything after peacefully thinking whats right.

Irrespective of being so devoted to Shirdi Sai Baba and the Gods I love, I never know to be calm and relaxed at times. I behave too tensed and show my anger on people who bother me. There are people who get things done behaving very cool and clear. I really wish to learn to be like that Sai.

Society may not always have good people. Today people do anything to make money even if that means hurting or disturbing others.

Saibaba, make me have faith in you and  be relaxed

There are lots of injustice happening around us. At times we might have to fight for our rights. At the same time we must make sure that we act with humanity and patience.

How to be calm,relaxed and have patience even during difficulties

When ever you face something that really is bothering you, please do the following

1. Think hardly if you have to let go and be calm or have to react to it.

2. If you are going to react or may be fight for your rights, be ready to face insults and consequences.

3. Never speak in anger and try to be calm and composed. Honestly I don’t know to be do this and really praying Sai to make me a better in handling such situations

What’s the use of me writing articles on living in harmony, being in peace when I myself don’t know to be relaxed when things go wrong. There are people who face worst situations than what I have faced being very calm. They worry about difficulties in their life but won’t keep on thinking about it. Successful people won’t be brooding over past or one incident. They keep moving and that’s what Sai expects from me too.

I  write this small article sitting near Thulasi plant and Sai in Dwarakamai. Am weak in various ways and trying to correct myself. Wish i learn to be cool and relaxed believing sai  will be there to protect us in any circumstances.

There is no use getting tensed and fighting with people who have no interest in our well being.

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3 thoughts on “How to be calm,relaxed and have patience even during difficulties”

  1. Dear Brother in Sai,
    I feel really touched and relieved in reading this message of yours.
    I have been facing a very bad situation since last week and this is so exactly reflected in yr message. For me it is SAI who is sending me His blessings through this message.
    Om sairam

  2. ……sai thulasi teach you lot… sai planted three thulasi plants if our life’s also becomes like thulasi plants in hands of sai its not great its only grace of our guru…omsairam

  3. Jai Sai Ram Om Sai Ram…..

    For past few days even m trying to know how should I control my anger and instant reactions to the situations as I loose my temper easily……I always pray to god that I do not hurt my close relationships because of it….because the worst anger and temper and bad words spoken you can even loose some relationships also… I already been through it……

    Really would be better and best if we control our bad words and anger and keep it in ourselves rather than showing it to the world…..Hope baba ji give us faith and patience to be calm n composed during difficult situations in life…..

    Sai Bhakt

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