The Best Doctor is in Shirdi

Sairam friends,

Yesterday, I went to Nagasai Mandhir at night, lit lamps and felt really hungry. I wanted to go home as I was tired and also wanted to work on some Sites I made. I went near the flower shop and told the boy there that I am going home. Another man in the shop immediately gave me something to drink. They usually drink Tea. So i told them, No I don’t have tea. He said its Coffee. I took it and while drinking he gave me some snacks too.

While eating I was thinking Sai doesn’t want me to leave me home. So as soon as I felt hungry, though prasad in temple was over, he gave me coffee and snacks through someone else. I always used to tell Sai devotees to feel Sai in this little ways he is taking care of us. If Sai is not antaryami, how can he know that am hungry and planning to go home?

The boy asked me why don’t you drink Tea. I said, I told you, I love tea so much but when my Father was not well 3 years back, I offered prayers to Sai and Lord Murugan that I shall offer my craving for tea and to save my father. By sai grace my Father got well and this is why I never drink Tea.

People say Coffee is bad for health and you can’t drink coffee often. Well,  Sai saved my father and I know what it means to me. There are moments in my life, when my Mom is in pain, I used to think is there a way I can do a kind of Magic to heal my Amma and make her feel better.

The Best Doctor is in Shirdi:

I forgot the name of the devotee as I randomly open a page in Sai Satcharitra or any other Shirdi Saibaba books and read his leela. A devotee was pregnant and was about to deliver a baby. The village women and relatives of the lady were worried as the women had severe labor pain and could not give birth to the baby. Saibaba already had samadhi during that time.

So the husband went 7 mils away to Upasani Maharaj in Sakori and requested him to Save his wife’s life. Upasani Maharaj has lived in Shirdi and served Saibaba for many years and only then had his own ashram in Sakori. So he knows the powers of Saibaba.

Upasani simply replied

“The Best Doctor is in Shirdi and he will take care of her”

He came back to Shirdi and still his wife’s life was at stake. The baby lost its live in her itself but could not come out. Every one were worried. Her husband went to Dwarakamai and prayed Sai to heal her. The lady went unconcious and everyone feared for her life.  Someone requested to Mix sacred Udi in water and feed in her mouth.

Udi was given remembering Saibaba and soon the baby came out and the women also was saved. By this leela, we understand that the Fate of the child is such but Saibaba saved the women. I always have a soft corner for women who are pregnant and when ever I see one, I say a prayer in my heart.

You see, I have replied mails of hundreds of Devotees and couples who pray for blessing of Child. To make people believe in Saibaba that they will surely be blessed with a child, I created –

I shall tell you story of Chandra Bhai someday.

As of now, I wish to speak about Healing power of Shirdi Sai Baba. has been guiding Sai devotees to be blessed with Good health and believe that Sai will cure them.  Yesterday, I was thinking in mind, why my Mom is not healed though its been a year since she met with a small accident. I have tears in eyes when ever I think about it but then I thank Saibaba for Saving my Mom.

I feel black and may be I really din’t do much. I like the work of Urologists. My brother in law is into Medical Research of Kidney related diseases and I know thousands of Doctors and Medical Scientists are working hard to heal millions of people around the world. I wanted to create a meditation for People who are in pain but as of now, I want Sai to get me some time to see how to work on it.

I always believe Shirdi Sai Baba is the worlds best Doctor because he heals not only the pain in the body but also the pains in our soul. Sai alone knows how to heal his devotee who worships him with devotion.

I wanted to create a simple site listing Medical Books, Medical Conferences and also if I am lucky, can request some Doctors to contribute articles. I believe, I can write about Health care Technology, Healthcare Apps etc and also gradually, I can develop a Meditation for people in pain.

Sai, Show me a way. The past few month, I am creating sites in various fields especially because I want to branch out and reach millions of people in the years to come. We have to create a platform to make the world a better place. Before I get married, I wish to at least create these space because may be I have to be more responsible and won’t have time for such things. Baba, bless me with a girl who likes to support my efforts.

You keep telling me not to invest in such things as it won’t earn me money and am worried how am going to afford renew these sites every year. All I believe is what ever I do in the name of Sai, lives forever.

You are my Venture Capitalist Sai and I am your Little Entrepreneur. Our Business is blessings.

The dreams and inspiration your bless me with are my Spark to do something creative and divine and no matter how many times I fail, every breath I take, Says Sai, Sai and Sai.

Offering in the holy feet of Shirdi Sai Baba ( Made a site dedicated for Doctors but could not maintain it)

Hope you like it friends. Am not able to write more content because honestly don’t have time and enough knowledge. Even for this I have pain in wrist. Yesterday, It was paining a lot and I applied a ayurvedic oil and slept. I have to change my mouse as its not smooth now a days and gives me pain.

My mom keeps irritating me not to always be on computer until 1 at night and again wake up at 6 and do such stuff.  She keeps telling me to be careful as I am not able to bear even small pain. Sometimes, we have to take efforts if we want to do good deeds and I believe Sai will heal me.

When I create such work for Saibaba , I feel satisfied.I am happy !

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