Who can heal the people in Pain? Two coins of Shradha and Saburi

Sairam friends,

The past 3-4 days I am not able to swallow the food I have easily. Its like something stuck in my food pipe. I thought it will get well and kept having Saibaba’s Udi as usual and but since I could feel something in my chest that I feel blocks the food and have slight pain even when I drink water, I finally went to the Doctor last Night.I went to Doctor alone but they followed me after I reached the clinic. I scolded them as I don’t want them to wait long for me.

I love Coffee Baba – How can I Give up?

He gave some medicines, asked me to give up Coffee – My Only love these days..How can I leave you dear “Coffee”. You help me a lot when ever I feel sleepy at work.  I told him, Since I don’t have tea, I used to have coffee. He said, I must give up but honestly I don’t know if its possible. Hmmm… Shall Try.

God is all set to take the best I have in life including Coffee but then my parents are with me. So its OK.  I feel gifted for having been blessed with parents who love me so much and take care of me when ever I am not well.

Look at the Picture courtesy of 4ever.eu

coffee kids
Sai, don’t you know I love coffee so much like these Kids – Photo courtesy 4ever

The Doctor said, Its OK if you don’t take the medicines but please don’t have Coffee. I said OK but told my parents I feel sleepy at times and wish to have Coffee. I hope to reduce the number of times I have coffee. This I can do Sai.

Who can heal the people in Pain? Two coins of Shradha and Saburi

When I was not even able to have my favorite Dosa peacefully, I looked at Saibaba painting in our hall and asked him “I used to like having tasty food. Why did you gave me this pain Saibaba? Are you not satisfied for the pains i already have in my mind?”

I thought may be God gave me this pain as he wants me to work on the article I have been planning a long time for HealthCare site. There are millions of people with health issues and some are fed up with life when things don’t seem to be Positive. So tried to say some words to heal them internally…

I hope few good devotees contribute more articles that heals people in Pain.

Two coins of Shradha and Saburi

Sai used to take Dakshina of two rupees or two coins from his devotees. Its not the money sai takes but asks his devotees to have Shradha and Saburi – Faith and Patience.

I believe when a devotee or their devotee ones are sick, all they have is Shradha – Faith and Saburi – Patience. Sai children write me about health issues which are too critical and I can’t reply them as it will give them hope. Instead of directly giving them hope with a reply, I wish to present them this article.

Don’t worry

Keep thinking good and doing good deeds. Your life will be good.

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God gives pains to you and your dear ones because he wants you to do a good deed to ward of pains of many whom you don’t know

Thank You




4 thoughts on “Who can heal the people in Pain? Two coins of Shradha and Saburi”

  1. Sai may never prefer his children to fast/ give up our favorite food but in our crisis time we volunteer. May baba blessings for speedy recovery. om sai jai sai sri sai.

  2. Dear Venkat, Praying to our Lord Merciful Sai to heal you soon by showering upon you his abundant kindness so that you can continue to enjoy your Coffee everyday. Do not worry, Sai the Great Magical Healer is with you.

    Love & Regards

    Bolo Sainath Maharaj Ki Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai Jai

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